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: General Discussion, other Mopar Vehicles

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  1. Buick Rendezvous help !
  2. Plymouth Intrepid?
  3. Midas Auto Center Creates Death-trap on Wheels!
  4. 12.9 litres, 8000rpm redline, 0-125mph in 4.9 seconds.
  5. CAW's Hargrove questions Cerberus bid for Chrysler
  6. A Kia at a rental car counter? Sounds foreign
  7. Chrysler bidding heats up this week
  8. Jeep only stuck with a bill
  9. Chrysler dangles deals: Lease truck, get van free
  10. Track friday night
  11. Toyota overtakes GM in global sales
  12. OVER POWERING: Mazdaspeed 3's horses are too much for steering and handling
  13. GM's subprime woes
  14. So what if Toyota's No. 1? Focus in Detroit should be better autos
  15. Honda sees lower profit on yen, small-car shift
  16. Tony Stewart Sound Off
  17. Ghosn claims a year he 'banked,' extends deadline for meeting Nissan targets
  18. 2007 TrailBlazer
  19. Newest addition to the family
  20. engine swap?
  21. Ferrari Enzo + Wall...need i say more?
  22. Drove an Avenger R/T yesterday....
  23. GM halts work at 2 plants because of UAW disagreement
  24. Chrysler will cut fleet sales
  25. Navistar seeks $2 billion from Ford as engine battle escalates
  26. April Sales (Chrysler's Up)
  27. DaimlerChrysler wants looser strings on diesel tax credit
  28. The "Truisms" working against Detroit
  29. Chrysler CEO rallies team
  30. Chrysler April sales up 17% outside North America
  31. Senator: CAFE hike could kill Chrysler
  32. GM has a profit, but faces challenge
  33. Despite cuts, GM stuck in low gear
  34. Trucks hold back GM
  35. Another New Car in my Stable!
  36. Senate panel sets 35 mpg auto standard by 2020
  37. GM offering incentives on full-sized pickups
  38. Ford missing market share goals
  39. I did something naughty
  40. Ford CEO, battling red tape and red ink, faces investors
  41. Workers say their DCX bid rebuffed
  42. An overview of Chrysler Group's suitors, options
  43. Chrysler SOLD!!!!
  44. Cerberus buys Chrysler group for $7.45 billion
  45. Hargrove angry CAW was excluded in Chrysler talks
  46. Gettelfinger: Keeping Daimler and Chrysler together not possible
  47. Consultant: Chrysler powertrains will be strong if Daimler link survives
  48. Spied: 2008 Accord Sedan
  49. 2010 Hyundai Tiburon
  50. Chrysler looking for global partners-Brands won't be broken up
  51. UUUGGGHHHHH!!! Chrysler approves Imperial production
  52. GM's Wagoner sees possible GMAC Financial-Chrysler Financial alliance
  53. Chrysler will push ahead on global plans
  54. Lee Iacocca slams Daimler -"Daimler screwed Chrysler royally."
  55. Spied: 2009 Dodge Ram 1500
  56. Talks resume on Chery building car for Chrysler
  57. Sales will bounce back; Detroit 3 might not
  58. Jeep Patriot test drive
  59. The Future of Chrysler Under Cerberus
  60. Big 3 - Change or die: It's our choice
  61. six-stroke engine!!
  62. mini V8
  63. GM dealers offer Toyota test drives
  64. Magna was slow to act on Chrysler
  65. Americans still buying bigger models
  66. GM Set to Kill the Hummer H2: Requiem for a Heavyweight
  67. Daimler, minus Chrysler, expected to prosper mightily
  68. Chrysler celebrating 20 years of modern concept vehicles
  69. Toyota chases Tundra camshaft failures
  70. Building an intake kit for a 1997 Cougar.....
  71. Spy Shots: 2009 Cadillac CTS-V
  72. SSC Ultimate Aero TT closes in on record with 241 mph run
  73. Toyota is tops in new Harbour manufacturing report
  74. Ford regrets missed environmental chance, styling
  75. Falcon on it's way to take on the G8!
  76. Tesla
  77. Long auto loans hurt car sales
  78. Report: U.S. auto sales incentives rise in May
  79. May Auto Sales
  80. need carfax please
  81. Spy Shots: Next-gen Chevy Lacetti
  82. Michelin claims new tire comfortable, sporting, economical
  83. My friend FUBARed his engine in his 97 Cougar
  84. The official "Why don't they sell that here?" Thread.
  85. Detroit 3 hear they've already 'lost' on CAFE
  86. Honda kills hybrid Accord in 2008
  87. Chrysler group sales outside North America rise 24% in May
  88. Gas-guzzler fee fuels fight
  89. Chrysler plant shows new life-Sterling Heights factory builds Sebring, Avenger
  90. Drivers ponder lousy mileage
  91. Honda Achieves Highest Non-Premium Ranking in J.D. Power and Associates Initial Quali
  92. Time to go electric?
  93. Chrysler execs admit Sebring and Nitro are misses
  94. Dodge Viper torched in Russia for being branded with the Devil's mark
  95. Chrysler to make Phornix engines in Kenosha
  96. Anyone think this would sell in the US?
  97. 16 days to go...
  98. Bought a second car today
  99. Fuel Injector Cleaning
  100. Vauxhall Monaro VXR500
  101. Poor, poor Viper. :(
  102. Tom Gale back at Chrysler... has to be good news i would think
  103. The garage sale continues at Ford
  104. Problems w/ starting '99 Taurus
  105. Ryan D.'s Firebird
  106. Chrysler seeks new products for diesel engine
  107. Chrysler pushes for more efficient truck design
  108. Chrysler put '06 vehicles on used lots
  109. Deep discounting helps U.S. truck market to steady
  110. Buyer's market for dealerships, consultant says
  111. New family of Chrysler V6 engines to improve gas mileage 6-8%
  112. Nissan board members to go without bonus
  113. twin supercharged!
  114. Weird problem with my Blazer 4.3 Vortec.....
  115. The other Tulsa time capsule
  116. In German crash test, China's Brilliance BS6 sedan fails miserably
  117. Finally got it.
  118. I bought some rice!
  119. Infiniti I35 - Let Me Know What You Think
  120. Spy Shots: Fully-undisguised 2008 Honda Accord
  121. End of Production Announcement for the Grand Prix
  122. Toyota slows development process
  123. Chrysler-Getrag deal signals more partnerships-Dual-clutch transmissions
  124. Jeep sales in May up over last year, with Wrangler's help
  125. Cerberus fights fuel bill, warns it will doom Chrysler
  126. Chrysler lowers June sales goal
  127. Oh what a feeling! Got Flex?
  128. 2008 Challenger
  129. Rented an Edge (no 56k)
  130. 2007 Chrysler Fleet Car Ride and Drive Event
  131. Hyundai, Kia unions strike against U.S. trade pact
  132. Popimp's 98 Cadillac Seville Sig page
  133. Repentance may bring salvation for Big Three
  134. GM may hike incentives on trucks to match Tundra
  135. Chrysler sales off slightly in June
  136. Chrysler plays China card, or is it wildcard?
  137. FORD FPV F6 Typhoon
  138. Imagine Ford NA having a X5 beater...
  139. OK, this is getting rediculous - when is enough, enough? 516HP G8...
  140. Thinking about Buying a Nitro...
  141. electric car component sources?
  142. SHOCK! - Decent marketing from Ford?
  143. Gaze is buying a new car... Part II
  144. [ChaosweaveR]'s 03 Grand Am GT sig thread!
  145. 2008 Chrysler minivan prices cut-sticker drops as much as $3,585
  146. Better car quality squeezes mechanics
  147. Ford denies discussing Volvo sale
  148. GM plans diesel cars in U.S.
  149. ExFirstgen3.5's Modded Jetta GLS 1.8T
  150. Common sense prevails.... No Imperial
  151. Memo to Alan Mulally... PLEASE!!!???
  152. 4G Eclipse electronics, DSM or what??
  153. Gaze's 2007 Jeep Patriot Limited 4x4!
  154. When gasoline reaches $3.50 a gallon, Americans will hit the brakes
  155. Market concerns shroud Ford, GM as union talks loom
  156. VW will sell China-built car in North America
  157. Ford expecting up to six bids for Land Rover and Jaguar
  158. This should piss the purists off nicely...
  159. Spy Shots: 2008 Mazda6
  160. VW is failing badly in the U.S.-does it understand what it's customers wants
  161. New Mexico Honda Dealer Promotion Results In $30M Snafu
  162. The debate over diesels
  163. 2008 Jeep Liberty
  164. jossimbyr's 2007 Mazda MX-5 Touring...
  165. Chrysler offers lifetime full-powertrain warranty
  166. Bernhard close to being Chrysler chairman
  167. Chrysler warns weak dealers may be shut down
  168. Chrysler buyout loan delayed but deal said on track
  169. Nissan first quarter profit falls on shift to small cars
  170. Chrysler Dual-Clutch Transmissions: Automatic Manuals - 79REM and 62TEM
  171. Did Peugeot copy the LH2??
  172. street legal F1 car for sale...
  173. LTrain01RT's 1983 Mercedes-Benz 300D Turbo Diesel
  174. Big changes loom for new Chrysler
  175. Foreign rivals outsell Big 3-market share is under 50%
  176. Top Five Priorities for the new Chrysler Group
  177. Chrysler to get new logo?
  178. rim size? help?
  179. new chrysler logo back again
  180. Nardelli, LaSorda pledge teamwork at 'new' Chrysler
  181. The new fix-it guy? Nardelli's bold style gets results, criticism
  182. Chrysler shakeup
  183. Chrysler begins new era
  184. Faulty switch prompts recall of 3.6M Fords
  185. Volkswagen recalls Jetta cars over potential fuel leak
  186. Building a better minivan-Chrysler reinvents vehicle for increasingly selective buyer
  187. Nissan recalls 140,000 Altima sedans
  188. Minivan makeover: Chrysler needed a hit and gets home run with new family hauler
  189. This Guy can fix Broken A/C in any car for less then $200
  190. The Impending Disaster Called the "New" Chrysler
  191. Hennessey Viper smokes Bugatti Veyron
  192. lifetime powertrane advertising
  193. Good thing big three execs live here
  194. Scarey.. this makes the Aveo look like a Volvo
  195. Old Concorde Commercial!
  196. Kia safer than BMW! HA the ultimate driving machine...
  197. most recalled cars, 2007 & 2006
  198. I checked out few New Chryslers
  199. Chrysler takes a big hit on warranty work
  200. Commander sales news to new guy
  201. OHC timing:northstar. odd?
  202. CLK AMG 63 Black edition 1 of 1500
  203. Mayday!!!
  204. Can you say.. "El Camino?"
  205. Mulally: Lots of energy; loads to do-He's changing Ford -- but fast enough?
  206. Car and Driver ranks safest new vehicles under $25,000
  207. Hopes riding high on Chrysler's new minivan
  208. The Dodge Caliber SRT4
  209. Chrysler willing to cut deeper
  210. Automakers blog to build loyalty, beat back criticism
  211. Mulally: Ford doesn't need global luxury brand
  212. 2 G.M. Brands, a Similar Car, but Very Different Results
  213. 2008 Honda Accord unveiled!
  214. The worlds most powerful FWD, from Toyota?!
  215. My Family Owns a Dodge Again!:-)
  216. Lotus Oz presents world’s fastest Exige
  217. Activists protest Toyota conditions
  218. Dodge crossover set for unveiling
  219. Workers' advice raises Ford quality
  220. High-res pics of the 2009 Dodge Journey
  221. The case for a reborn Chevy El Camino gathers steam as the US assess the VE Ute
  222. For the lovers of all things silver..
  223. Mopar no more? Say it's not true...
  224. Keyless entry pwned! Researchers say it takes less than an hour
  225. 1989 Buick Skyhawk 2.0 (Cavailer) running rich
  226. 2008 Chevy Malibu comes in under a cool $20k
  227. Chevy El Camino? No? Pontiac Pickup then?
  228. August U.s. Sales
  229. Turn your Jeep into a pickup
  230. Gibbs to Toyota
  231. New Mazda6
  232. Head of Toyota North America Joins Chrylser
  233. Chrysler to keep brands, may cut vehicles
  234. well it finally died...
  235. Free civic woot lol
  236. Frankfurt Preview: 335 HP Dodge Avenger-based STARTECH Starster
  237. Nardelli: Chrysler needs 3 years to turn finances around, 10 years for product
  238. UAW head optimistic about organizing Toyota, Honda
  239. New Chrysler minivans have enough fun video & features to keep everyone amused
  240. Chrysler: Non-U.S. sales grew 26% in August
  241. Chrysler's hirings will benefit U.S. industry, add to rivalry, CEOs say
  242. Frankfurt Motor Show: Lamborghini Reventon revealed!
  243. Need new car advice (CANADA)
  244. The "way forward" takes a nasty turn... Ford Reintroduces Model T
  245. The 2008 Dodge Intrepid!!!!
  246. New recall
  247. New daily driver.
  248. Warning - The contents of this post may cause multiple cargasms.
  249. Chrysler puts rush on hybrid vehicles
  250. Chrysler, Honda call back 482K vehicles