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: Second Generation How-To's

  1. Wiring Guide for 1998-2002 Intrepid (Discussion)
  2. PIAA Ion Crystal H3 Fog Lights Install (Discussion)
  3. Change Parking Brake Shoe (Discussion)
  4. Adjust Parking Brake Tensioner (Discussion)
  5. L Intake Components/Construction and Assembly (Discussion)
  6. Add a Dimming Mirror (Discussion)
  7. Add Factory Fog Lamp Wiring (Discussion)
  8. Lighted Rear Reflector Bar (Discussion)
  9. Antenna Range Extender for OEM Fobs (Discussion)
  10. Fix a Bad Power Door Lock (Discussion)
  11. Bleed The Master Cylinder (Discussion)
  12. Install SpoilerDepot Spoiler (Discussion)
  13. Install K&N Filter (Discussion)
  14. Make an Automatic Headlight Switch (Discussion)
  15. OEM Intake Removal (Discussion)
  16. Program Keyless Transmitters (Discussion)
  17. Install Automatic Headlight Switch (Discussion)
  18. Clear Corner Lights (Discussion)
  19. Install 300M Special Turn Signal Mirror's (Discussion)
  20. Chrome Dodge Ram P/U Fuel Door (Discussion)
  21. Customize Your Head/Tail Lights (Discussion)
  22. Bleed The Brakes (Discussion)
  23. Making Cig Lighter Constant Power (Discussion)
  24. Install Chrome Gauge Overlay (Discussion)
  25. Install Dodge Ram Fuel Door (Discussion)
  26. Remove Rear Speaker (Discussion)
  27. Install L Intake (Discussion)
  28. Install Sun Sensor without Harness (Discussion)
  29. Install OTIS (Discussion)
  30. Install Center Console Light (Discussion)
  31. Get Computer Codes (Discussion)
  32. Power Wire Routing (Discussion)
  33. Convert to Lambo aka Scissor doors (Discussion)
  34. Install Fresh Air Box (Discussion)
  35. 2.7 to 3.2 Swap (Discussion)
  36. Programming FOBs (Discussion)
  37. Install SPEEDHUT Gauge Overlays (Discussion)
  38. Headlight Tear Apart (Discussion)
  39. Strut Disassembly and Assembly (Discussion)
  40. Neon Switches (Discussion)
  41. Changing Differential Fluid (Discussion)
  42. Projector Fog Light (Discussion)
  43. Install a Metra 40-PW22 Power Antenna (Discussion)
  44. Instal Door Courtesy Lamps (Discussion)
  45. Convert a 2002-2004 3.5HO Engine to Work in a 1998-2001 (Discussion)
  46. Install JBA Header (Discussion)
  47. Alternator Replacement (2.7L) (Discussion)
  48. Install Rear 300M Door Panels on Intrepid (Discussion)
  49. Remove Steering Wheel and Clockspring (Discussion)
  50. Replace the Blend and Mode Door Actuators (Discussion)
  51. Install Intake Spacer (Part 2) (Discussion)
  52. Install Intake Spacer (Part 1) (Discussion)
  53. Install Courtesy Lights (Discussion)
  54. Install Uconnect (Discussion)
  55. EVIC/OTIS and Autodim Mirror (Discussion)
  56. Replace Blower Motor Resistor (Discussion)
  57. AutoStick (Discussion)
  58. Install Interior Door Handles (Discussion)
  59. Cluster Removal Tool (Discussion)
  60. Replace Water Pump (2.7L) (Discussion)
  61. 300M Door Panel Installation on Intrepid (Discussion)
  62. Paint Fabric Panels (Discussion)
  63. Install ES Bumper With Fogs (Discussion)
  64. Auto headlight (using your switch) (Discussion)
  65. 3.2/3.5 Throttle Body Swap. (Discussion)
  66. Install the Intake Spacer 2.0 (Discussion)
  67. Clear Corner Lights/Signals without Drilling (Discussion)
  68. Change Your Transmission Fluid (Discussion)
  69. 2.7 Timin chain
  70. Power Mirror switch replacement
  71. how do I program used remote entry
  72. Interior LED kit with toggle switch mod
  73. PCV housing
  74. knock sensor jumper kit
  75. 99 Intrepid left side of brake lights are out
  76. Run's hot when the A/C is on
  77. Checking Heads and Setting Cam Timing
  78. Replace engine in 2000
  79. Vibration 01 Intrepid when accelerating
  80. Lowering Springs
  81. 99 intrepid 3.2 alternator help
  82. Car dead after camshaft sensor replacement