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: Can a worn CV joint cause transmission slip?

08-15-2008, 02:14 PM
Hi Forum, How are you? You look good.

I have a 94 Dodge Intrepid and I'm having some problems during shifts. Hard shifts, and clunks during re-acceleration after a stop and now it sometimes loses gear shifting to second and sometimes third. Right after starting it is really bad and gets better after it's warmed up and it is worst on right turns.

I've read that the hard shifts can be due to a bad CV-joint, but can a worn CV joint cause it to fall out of gear completely once it is in gear, or between shifts? I also have some vibrations at 60 mph and above which I've also read can be the CV joint.

This seems to be a big difference because a CV joint repair is manageable but if I need a new transmission I might be better off pushing the car into the bayou. I took it to Pepboys to ask them and they said that the CV joint won't cause it to slip gears and it was likely the transmission, which they don't fix so they couldn't help me.

Miscellaneous info : I checked the fluid level and it is fine and the fluid doesn't smell bad at all and looks clear red and clean. The car has 96K miles.

Hope somebody can help me.

08-15-2008, 04:10 PM
cv joint now tranny mount or motor mount yes

08-15-2008, 04:14 PM
In short, no, a bad CV will not cause the car to "miss/jump out of gear"
Sounds like you may have mulitple issues going on by your description.
"Hard shifts and clunking", along with strange "vibrations" at speed could very well be the CV's, mounts, etc., but "missing shifts/falling out of gear" is almost certainly an internal issue with the trans.

Sorry for that news, but welcome to the site none the less, and good luck on any possible attempts of fixing.

Lots of good folks here to help if you decide to go that way instead of the bayou.