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: $50 all day drag racing

11-06-2002, 04:29 PM
i had an idea. The New York International Raceway Park, an hour south of Rochester New York, offers track rentals for the day(6 hours). up to 10 people for $500, $50 a person after that. it inclues timeing, one sprayed lane (i dont know if you cant get both),EMT and an ambulance. if there are enought members close to here then maybe in the spring we could have a meet and see who is the fastest on DI.net. i havent had a chance to stop by and see how i run and there probably closed for the season but i always wanted to do it and what better way than with other treps?

11-06-2002, 04:48 PM
Now here is a man with a plan........

11-06-2002, 04:51 PM
the only problem is this:

The track is available any day of the week, whenever there is not a scheduled event. All rental sessions will be run during daylight hours.

since they have all the sat/sun sessions booked we would have to do it during the week (aka: working hours)

11-06-2002, 05:49 PM
I was looking to do the same thing at a Michigan track. :)

11-07-2002, 12:10 AM
I want to go to an OVAL!!! Screw the 1/4 mile, I wanna go 150MPH around an oval track :D

11-07-2002, 01:31 PM
Avenger makes a point! I wouldn't mind a ROAD COURSE with left AND right turns!


11-07-2002, 02:13 PM
Does anyone have a HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE lot for autocrossing?

11-08-2002, 03:37 PM
Has anyone ever tried running their car in an S.C.C.A. event in their area?

They have them twice a summer at a community college on the weekend, in 2 of the large lots they use for parking. I think I may try out next year, just to see how many cones I hit...

11-10-2002, 10:04 AM
That sounds nice. But, the track that I go to costs $25 on the weekday and $30 on the weekend for unlimited racing. You don't get the track to yourself but I went on a Sunday once and got in 3 runs in one hour. I wasn't looping back into line. I let the car cool down all the way before I started back. Some of my buddies in the Turbo Dodge club go on Wednesday nights and it is pretty dead. They get about 7-10 runs in three hours. For $25, that sounds about right.