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: HELP! HELP! Buschman Or anyone

08-23-2001, 08:14 AM
Hey either to Buschman Or PurpleTrep97 Or anyone that has there car lowered. Guys i just wanted to ask you about the the lowering springs does it cause any problems to the trep. I orderd intrax since the guy told me ebch discountinued the ones for the the 1st gen trep. well the intrax are 1.82 in the front and 1.8 in the rear but i hope its good. please tell me how the springs look and how they handle?

08-23-2001, 08:34 AM
Well I have never seen a Trep with intrax on them so i can't say. I know Eibachs are a high quality spring. Personally I would not want to go any lower than I am right now. The Eibachs are progressive rate and are much smoother than the set I had on my previous Shadow. This car will eat turns up. It's handling is crisp and tight but the ride is harsh. With stock springs and wheels it's like your coasting on air. But with lower profile tires and tighter springs to will feel more connected to the road and handling will definitely inprove.

I would double check on Eibach not making springs for the Trep. I believe purpletrep just got a set. I'm not sure how the intrax will perform compared to the Eibachs. But if you are using stock wheels then you won't notice the handling enhancement as much as you would with a lighter/larger rim and lower profile/wider tires.