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: Wierd Problem

10-02-2001, 10:45 AM
I have been having this wierd problem, and was wondering if anyone else had the same or knew what could be causing it. If I take the car out and drive for over 20 miles the temp gauge will drop down and set on the pin like it lost power and the engine cooling fans (both) will kick on and run constantly and the engine seems to be sluggish and the transmission starts shifting wierd like from O-drive to 3 and back like it cant decide which it wants, but the engine is cool like it feels when the temp gauge is on the second notch. Then if the car sits for several hours and I go back out it runs fine. It has done this several times and I am baffled. Any Ideas?????

BTW I have the 3.3L


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10-02-2001, 11:48 AM
It's haunted. :)

Maybe a bad thermostat???

10-02-2001, 02:34 PM
have you checked to see no air is in the system? could be a pocket of air. ALso, there is a tempature thermostat (an electronc thermister) that is submerged in the coolant before it flows to the radiator. maybe that is bad?