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: winterizing & storing

11-03-2001, 09:41 PM
and yet again comes the season of salt and rocks. however my intrepid WONT be seeing the road with that crap all over it.
im already going thru power withdrawls.
the 89 shadow replacing my 'trep is just torture in comparison.
nevertheless, im going to be putting her away within the next two weeks.
anyway, anybody have any suggestions for storage ?
its going to be in my unheated garage over the winter. should i use a fuel stabilizer ?
should i start it once a week or so so that oil doesnt totally drain from the top end ?
any tips n suggestions are greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance :)

11-03-2001, 09:49 PM
i would put 93 octane gas in it and a tank of fuel antifreeze agent in it, then start it every few days and run it for 5 minutes or so. wish i had a car to substitute.

11-03-2001, 09:53 PM
I used to store my Mustang every winter and here's what I would do. 1/4 tank of fuel with stabilizer additive, change oil (use cheapest oil you can buy and don't change filter at this time, you'll see why later), wax car thoroughly including rims and doorjams, put half a dozen Bounce fabric softner sheets around car (absorbs moisture and smells good), disconnect battery, place wood slabs under each tire to prevent ground contact, cover with a "breathable" outdoor quality car cover (I used covercraft)

Now spend an hour or so drinking beer, staring at your stored car and having sweet memories of the great season that just passed.

In the spring drain all oil out and change oil filter, change fuel filter, flush and fill radiator, polish finish to remove any surface dust, vacuum interior, armor all weatherstripping and tires. Fill tank immediatly with Super unleaded and one dry gas, it will still run a little rough for the first tankful but it is worth it.

It is a little pricey to do it this way but your car will thank you in the longrun.

Chris So
11-04-2001, 09:16 PM
If your garage is damp, you may want to drive it around the block on sunny dry days every week or two.

Reason being, your rotors will rust especially where the pads are. Mom didn't drive her car for a few months and wound up having pitted rotors right where pads where, they either had to be turned or replaced, I can't remember and the made a hideous noise.

Run AC on too, to circulate freon and lubricate compressor etc.