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: Anyone else have the "Canadian Dodge" Intrepid??

06-26-2001, 09:08 PM
I just bought a 2000 Chrysler Intrepid, white, with 17,700 miles on it. It's the base model (2.7), but it has the shifter on the floor and center console (with rear climate control outlets, which I really like). I'll be posting pictures soon.

I love this car already, as it is a very nice improvement over my last Intrepid, a 95 3.3L, which I traded in at 178K (it was very reliable). I want to put "Intrepid" on the top of the windshield and maybe get a spoiler. Once the tires wear out, I'll consider getting better rims and rubber for them too.

Suffice it to say, not many 20-year-olds own a car as nice as this, at least not up here in Wisconsin, so I'm feeling kinda special.

Anyway, just wanted you to know that I love my car and I love Intrepids, and I'm wondering if anyone else here has a "Chrysler" Intrepid. The only differences I've noticed are the badging (on the hood and steering wheel) and the daytime running lights (required in Canada).

Oh, and by the way, I know a lot of you are hard-core 3.2L and 3.5L R/T enthusiasts, but I'm very pleased with the power and torque in my lowly 2.7. :D Certainly feels refined and smooth.. and I was surprised at how I can't hear the engine when it sits idling (with the fan and radio off, of course).

06-27-2001, 09:06 AM
There are allot of Chrysler Intrepids. They are exactly the same as the Dodge Intrepids but only released here in Canada.

It's an awesome car in both power and looks. I just find it amusing that they're bigger then most minivans.

06-27-2001, 09:14 AM
yeah, my parents have 2 Dodge Caravans, and my Intrepid is longer than them :) It barely fits in our garage.

06-27-2001, 10:38 AM
Heh. Had to rip out the cabinet that I had in the back of the garage to be able to get the car in there. Man, I must've looked confused the first time I pulled the car into the garage.

06-27-2001, 11:57 AM
Yep GR8WHT is a "Chrysler" Intrepid! I had to move my jetski to get the trep into the garage!null

06-27-2001, 12:11 PM
intrepid is even 3 inches longer than the GRAND caravan/voyager and is only 100 lbs less... yet the minivans get an optional 3.8L engine. I wonder how that 3.8 would do in the R/T? Maybe they could supercharge it ;)

capitalcity rt
06-27-2001, 03:01 PM
Yep. I live in Canada and own a 2001 Chrysler Intrepid RT. I have a Chrysler badge on the hood and the Chrysler wings on the steering wheel. I did not get the video that everyone has mentioned but I do have a longer warranty

06-27-2001, 03:24 PM
I had to rearrange the garage where my old extended cab S10 sat so I could get the, longer, Intrepid in. (had to sell the 4 wheeler) :(

WEST BEND my dad used to live there on Edgewood LN :eek:

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06-27-2001, 04:51 PM
Yeah, I like the fact that I get a couple extra niceties since it's a Chrysler Intrepid. Mainly, the battery warmer and block heater are standard, which will help with the sometimes brutal winters here in Wisconsin. I also like the daytime running lights.

hug311, I'm shocked to hear of another West Bend person on here.. that's cool. :-)

06-27-2001, 04:56 PM
Not a big fan of daytime running lights, but I did buy a $20 daytime running light kit, and hooked it up to my fog lights :D

It's cool when I use my remote starter at night, the fog lights come on when it starts :)

capitalcity rt
06-27-2001, 06:58 PM
Use to have a 90 Integra and the daytime running lights were the regular beams up front and the rear tail lights. What a pain constantly changing burnt out bulbs. At least on the Intrepid the daytime running lights are a muted version of the high beams and there are no rear daytime lights.

06-28-2001, 05:04 AM
Yes, Danny, I'm glad they aren't on in the rear too. I just like them because it's nice if you're getting in the car to drive at some time of the day or night when it's questionable to have the lights on and they just are on for you all of the time.

Sometimes I wish all cars had them, especially when it's foggy or raining and STUPID PEOPLE DON'T HAVE THEIR LIGHTS ON. :)

Some people don't seem to realize or care that while they may be able to see other cars in the fog and rain, other cars may not be able to see them and I'd have to say that's my biggest gripe when driving (aside from slow-poke's in the left lane too, but everyone hates that) :)

Okay, I'll stop ranting now. hehehe :)

06-28-2001, 06:41 AM
I absolutely hate daytime running lights, and I think the engineer that invented them should be shot. On the other end of the spectrum, you can complain about people who always have their brights on (morons!). One of the reasons I got those hyper-whites (heh heh heh)...

On a side note, maybe they should invent auto-turn signals. That way, people would signal their lane change or turn when the steering wheel went past a certain degree of change. It would definitely benefit Chicago drivers... lol.

06-28-2001, 08:11 AM
Even more so make some sort of timer that will turn off the blinkers when some idiot is driving down the expressway with them on. And you gotta love the people that go to turn left and put on their right blinker. I had a porsche boxster do that in front of me the other day.... :rolleyes:

06-28-2001, 10:00 AM
with my '97 intrepid i was not able to have the fog lights on independantly from the headlights, but on my new R/T I can run JUST the foglights with the parking lights and then switch on the headlamps if I want :)

gotta love it

06-28-2001, 10:10 AM
Also since I added the daytime running light controller to my fog lights, I can have only my fog lights on without the parking lights, too :)

06-28-2001, 10:16 AM
Good idea....(now I just have to get foglights.. :) )

06-28-2001, 03:20 PM
I agree about the auto turn signals. LOL.

When I had my 95 Intrepid, I tilted the headlights up a bit to get better illumination and then all of a sudden people think I have my brights on all the time, so I used to stick it to them by pulling the lever toward me just enough to kick in both the high and low beams to get it through their thick heads that they were wrong.. LOL. And it really used to bother me because I did a lot of nighttime driving. Anyone who can't tell whether the brights are on or not shouldn't be driving. Even the super-white ones are easy to tell when they're oh high or low beam.

07-14-2001, 12:26 PM
I have a 97 3.5L Chrysler Intrepid. I knew they had a block heater, but I didnt know they had a battery warmer. Sweet!

I think all cars should have daytime running lights!!! What is so wrong with them? They allow everyone else to see the morons who dont turn on their lights when its snowing, raining, or even when it is dark! Plus, having your lights on in the day reduces the chance of having an accident by 20%.

07-14-2001, 08:09 PM
Auto Turn signals? Well my 93 Daytona would chime over and over if you drove more than a 1/4 mile with the turn signal on. I wonder why Chrysler did away with that feature.

07-14-2001, 11:51 PM
Originally posted by Djnrg:
I think all cars should have daytime running lights!!! What is so wrong with them? They allow everyone else to see the morons who dont turn on their lights when its snowing, raining, or even when it is dark! Plus, having your lights on in the day reduces the chance of having an accident by 20%.

Then my blackouts would be useless during the day when I am driving :p

The daytime fog lights are enought for me :)

07-16-2001, 12:42 PM
Except you now have morons that think since their running lights are on, they never have to turn on the full lights when its raining, snowing, or worse, foggy. That means no tail lights showing! Almost so a nice rear-ender because they didn't have all the lights on!