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past car experience

suppose this is my first real post:

what kind of car background do the regulars here have?
what vehicles have you owned (previous to a trep), any vehicles you have particular experience with working on, general platforms that interest you, etc etc

i figure itll be cool to get a feeling for how other people have arrived at owning intrepid (or having enough of an interest in to post on a board dedicated to them)
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I have only had intrepids (1995 3.3,$2000 , 1995 3.5 ES (daily),$1000, 1997 3.5, $3000) , well that i drive anyway, i also have a 1977 Z28, i have removed the motor on that,did some routine maintanence and put a dress up kit on it, restored entire interior (new carpet, trim, ect.) Ive got a 1950 Buick Super 8, a 1975 mail jeep, and ive tore down a few engines. Thats about it.
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Before the trep' only one other car.. A 1989 Ford Thunderbird... with the slow ass 3.0L V6
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Truth is I've lost count of how many cars I have owned since age 16. I think it's between 40 and 50. You must remember I'm an old fart of 47. To answer the question, I've had about every make of car and truck out there and modified most of them in one way or another. I used to rebuild classic Mustangs and build street rods from ground up. My first Trep was a new 94 base model. Loved it until some guy t-boned me in the side. I walked away with a couple of minor scratches but the trep was totaled. In 98, I bought a 95 ES that had been wrecked in the front. I rebuilt that one except for replacing the airbags and drove it quite a while. Finally sold it and a few months later, bought my 00 R/T. I wanted an R/T from the moment I found out about them and by far, this is one great car. I still have it and it only has 22K miles. Mainly drive it on weekends and trips now and just play with it. Daily driver is an 03 Avalanche. Wife drives an 02 BMW Z3 roadster. (She lets me drive it when it needs gas) I guess I have done a little of everything to cars in my lifetime, but overall, I like the R/T as much as any car I've owned.
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Like ChuckR/T, I'm 47 & owned a few cars.66 Newport 383,70 Charger 318,70 GTX 6bbl(wish that 1 hadn't got away) 64 Impala(yuch) 77 Cordoba 400(swapped in 440,8-3/4"rear FUN!) 82 Challenger(jap)86 Aries wagon(3 kids).91 Regal 3.1(trans, cracked cyl head ,tin can frame, typical generic motors). Plus 6 OR 7 Dusters & Dart projects that were started & sold.96 Intrepid 3.5, trans @ 145,000,2000 R/T. Still have both treps.I think the R/T is the best car I've ever owned.Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the 72 Valiant big block a buddy& I are working on right now.
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My cars in order:

1973 Buick Riveria (455ci)
1969 Mercury Montery (390ci)
1986 Dodge Omni GLH (2.2l)
1985 Plymouth Voyager (2.6l)
1977 Lincoln Continental Town car (460 ci)
1984 Dodge Aries SW (2.2l)
1992 Chrysler New Yorker (3.3l)
2001 Chrysler Intrepid (2.7l)

So you see, I've owned mostly Chryslers. Gotta say one thing though, those big block V-8's....if you never drove one, don't know what you've missed. They had bad-ass bottom torque and were very quiet smooth running cars. That's an era that is gone though I guess....sigh

Former 2001 Chrysler Intrepid SE owner

Currently own a 2012 Ford Focus
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i have had the potpourri of vechiles, probably my favorite was my race car, drove dirt track for 2 years and what a blast it was
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My dad is a Ford guy so the first car I had was a hand-me down 1977 Ford Granada Forest Green and rust spots all over. Second was a 1989 Ford Taurus L which I actually killed a Daytona with! My baby though was my 1990 Dodge Spirit 3.0 L, V6. Gosh, did I love her so....:(
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im only 19 and have already owned a number of cars:
1995 Saturn
1992 Ford F150
1988 Chevy Caprice
1984 Ford Mustang 5.0
1984 Jeep Cherokee
1996 Dodge Intrepid 3.5L
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[i] Gotta say one thing though, those big block V-8's....if you never drove one, don't know what you've missed. They had bad-ass bottom torque and were very quiet smooth running cars. That's an era that is gone though I guess....sigh [/B]

thats the truth...

from age 16-19 i didnt own anything with a displacement smaller than 302.
and although i didnt own it, i often used a f350 flatbed with a 460 in it.
motor was at 315,000 when i was in it and still running strong.
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1979 Datsun B210..$500
1980 Plymouth Horizon..$100
1995 Toyota Corolla...$alot more than I should have spent
2001 Dodge Intrepid..$worth every penny
Cars in my name
1995 Chevy Lumina van
2000 Dodge Intrepid
The datsun was my first, I think it was pretty sweet at the time, had it painted to a metalic blueish color..sorta like a sprite can, redid the interior with all black, hand crafted a center consol out of 1/2" plastic and put blue lights in there. At night the inside was nice and blue, 2 12's in the trunk with plenty of juice to power them with a Rockford amp stolen shortly after I put them in..dark tint over all nice little car. The Horizon was a point a to b car I bought while I was in England, went toooooo fast over a speed bump on base and broke the steering rack and the power steering pump went out, sold the cd player in it for more than I paid for the car. The Corolla, that was my pride and joy at the time, tinted windows, 10's in the trunk, 2 amps, alpine deck, led washer lights, intake, not a stock light on the whole car, kicked it to the curb when I found the car I should have been driving all along, my intrepid. The Lumina van was okay, plenty of room for the kids and the stuff (strollers, bags, stuff like that) Ended up having some weird problems with either the engine or the tranny, not really sure, gave it up for my other Intrepid. Now I am truely experiencing Intrepid Nirvana.......
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the intrepid has always struck me as a great looking car. its looks very aggressive but has the subtlties of a luxury car.

Like many others, I have owned several vehicles:

82 Plymouth Horizon
80 Mercury Bobcat
85 Mitsubishi Mighty Max
83 Ford Thunderbird
91 Infiniti G20
95 Mazda 626
82 Datsun 280ZX(wish I still had it)
96 Dodge Intrepid 3.3
95 Dodge Dakota SLT 5.2(my one true automotive love)
99 Dodge Intrepid ES 3.2

Boy, is that a potpourri of cars. I just love cars! I hope to keep the Intrepid a while(unless I start making some more dough so I can buy a Magnum), and hope to buy another ZCar as my project/fun-car. I hope my son and I can work on it together and one day, let him drive it a bit. :-)
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Being 19, and haveing a car provided for me means I never really have owned a car but heres a list of what the family owned/ owns:
1984 Buick Lesabre Custom
1987 Buick Lesabre Custom
1986 Dodge 600 Turbo
1989 Mercury Sable LS Wagon
1990 Dodge Dynasty LE
1994 Chrysler New Yorker
1997 Ford Ranger
1998 Dodge Intrepid ES
1999 Dodge Intrepid ES
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Thank heavens for copy/paste, I've typed out this list before.

96% were Mopars. Some were parts cars, some bought to sell.
In no particular order with 1/4 mile times of ones I've raced.

1 70 Corolla 1200 auto
2 76 Charger S.E. 360 red
3 73 Cuda 318 blue
4 74 Cuda 318 brown
5 73 Challenger 318 silver
6 75 Gran Fury 360 green, parts car
7 73 New Yorker 440 brown
8 73 Dart sport 318 Yellow convertriple w sunroof
9 74 Dart sport 225 beige beater
10 78 Aspen 4 dr 225 4 spd white, hated it
11 69 Charger 318 Orange
12 71 New Yorker 440 brown, parts
13 70 383 Road Runner B5 blue w 440 11.54 @ 118
14 79 Aspen 4dr x cop 318, 727 blue w doggies
15 76 Volare' Road Runner 360 black 14.52 @ 98
16 77 Fury 360 tan beater
17 79 New Yorker 360, 440 sleeper. 14.0 @ 100 (actually quicker but this is the only official time, x gfriend ran it and she couldn't drive)
18 80 Pheonix 2.5 4spd manual, red beater
19 72 Duster 225 w 360 yellow, HS project car
20 77 Ford F250 351 green beater
21 92 Shadow ES 2.5 Turbo 5 spd, black 15.2 @ 90 1 of 53, new
22 73 Camaro 350 burgundy
23 79 Little Red Express 360 bought to sell
24 73 Cougar 351
25 69 Super Bee, current project
26 72 Swinger 318 w 383 12.4 @ 109 was my sister's
27 73 Dodge D200 reg cab long box 400, w 440 14.33 @ 96
28 95 Ram Sport 1500, 5.2 5 spd 15.93 @ 84 bought new
29 88 Celebrity 2.8 blue beater
30 85 Lancer ES 2.2 turbo 5 spd,
31 86 Shelby Charger 2.2 TI 5 spd, blue/silver
32 68 Road Runner 383 red, rusty parts car
33 86 Gran Fury 318 blue
34 87 Shadow ES 2.2 turbo 5 spd, bought to sell
35 78 Cordoba 360 grey
36 78 Aspen R/T 318 black bought to sell
37 76 New Yorker 400 black, parts
38 94 LHS 3.5 black 16.24 @ 85 (new best 15.8 @ 88)
39 74 Pontiac Astre, week moment
40 88 Mustang LX 5.0 5 spd, red 13.9 @ 99
41 87 5Th ave 318, parts
42 87 Ram 100, 318 black, my sig
43 88 Ramcharger 318 TBI parts
44 94 Shadow 2.5 green, present beater
45 88 Pontiac 6000 SW 2.8, white, bought to sell
46 80 Diplomat SW 318 w 360, 727, 8 3/4 sleeper
47 82 Chevrolet Malibu V6 auto, blue, bought to sell

69 Super Bee (under construction)
65 Belvedere 225
87 Ram D150 5.9L, 5 spd
94 LHS 3.5L
93 Mustang LX 5.0L, 5 spd

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Holy shit! (see above)
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