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thanks everyone. She's gonna be a handful. I like the idea of having a semi rare car... there were only 15K of these Shelby Z's made in 87-88 only. to put a reference purpose. There were twice as many intrepid's made in just the ES trim line in Just 2002.

Originally Posted by MrBigE View Post
Louvers FTW!!! They scream late 80's, man... gotta keep 'em.

Can't wait to see how this rascal progresses! I'm especially interested in the recliner pivot replacement thingies. I noticed the massive twist/lean in the driver's seat - figured the whole seat would need replaced. I assume the recliner thingies will fix that up?
That's the problem with the louvers... they scream 80s... I love that it's an 80s car... but I don;'t necessarily need to broadcast it to the world. As for the seat. It is actually loose on the inside, needs to get tightened back down to the floor.... It only seems to be leaning when it's all the way back, so I'm thinking the hinges will correct. I can always go back and get the other hinge too.

Originally Posted by DrDodge View Post
somethings missing???,, looks like the ASDL, (assambly line diagnostic link)
There's two cut wires there too. That would be nice if that connector was serving it's intended purpose.
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