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Hey Guys,

I have met some of you in the past and wanted to formally introduce myself to everyone else. My name is Keith Jarvis, I was recently elected President of the 300M Club and I will be handling a large chunk of the Carlisle planning for 2012 show. Tim has decided to step away from the club and we are looking to make sure large improvements to the upcoming show.

The need for a new hotel has gotten greater over the past few years as many of you already know. I wanted to find a spot for all of the clubs that offered us some of the freedoms we had in the past and a place that was a lot cleaner and closer to the show field. The old hotel was bought by Econolodge and we have no guarantees that it will be clean or if they will let us party in the parking lot at night. They could be trying to clean it up and all the managers are new. The new place is willing to let us hang out in the lot.

I think we found our place, take a look at the link. The hotel is closer to the show field (it does require a different route), the hotel has great reviews, the person in charge knows we want to come and they really want us there. They are giving us an entire corner of the parking lot to hang out in and are really taking care of us on the price. The pool is indoors but it is open all night.

I am pulling some stuff into this thread from our own thread on the 300m board.

Here are some local places that are close-
Car Wash: 1.5 Miles
Walmart: 4.3 Miles
Target: 3.9 Miles
Beer: 1.8 Miles
Liquor: 1.7 Miles
Texas Roadhouse: 2.0 Miles

All the important stuff seems to be under two miles, including a car wash. Most places are very close in distance compared to our last hotel.

We would really like to move as a group, I feel it is important for the clubs to stay in the same place.

Hopefully you guys want to make the change. Our club put up a vote on it and there was a lot of support. We are leaning towards leaving at this point, we have 25 rooms reserved at the new place and I can get more if needed.

Feel free to ask me any questions or send them to Dan. I will be communicating with him about our plans.

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