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Angry Grrr! SOB battery!!!

OK, trying to keep this as short and sweet as possible. After realizing my car battery had lived it's last day, I was eager to change it out last night.

So, first off, I took out the Air filter box and noticed the positive cable was quite corroted. I also soon found out this was a factory battery, finally giving after 5 long years....long live Mopar batteries!

I attempted to try to lightly bump the connector loose with a wrench, to no avail, I could not loosen either the connector nor the nut on the bolt. So, I said "forget this," and decided I would just have Sears do it. I re-installed the air filter box, and opened the car door only to have no power at all now....

Now I'm getting frustrated. So I once again remove the filter housing, jack up the car, remove the tire, and tug out the battery a bit. At this, the positive cable comes loose ad pops off. I'm thinking good deal, now I'll just go buy my new one install it, life will be good.

So, I get my Die Hard Gold battery and a cleaner/maintenance kit. OK, I don't mind spending $80 for a battery with a 3 year warrenty, but what happens later irks me. So I get home, clean the positive cable, only to see a crack both at where the positive wire and jump start wires meet as well as around the connector. Now I am screwged. I tried just resetting the cable and squeezing it on with pliers. The negative cable the whole time is good as new, not even having a protective rubber cover on it, unlike my positive.

So, I'm all happy as the horn chirps and I think I have power. Once again, go to open the door, no mo-jo!!!! WTF! Now, I'm not only pissed off, hungry (9:30p) and a wee bit chilled in our balmy 4 degree winter night, I can't start my car!

I realized I would need to get this 'special double wire cable' from the dealer. So, with only one resort left, I remove the filter box, put back on the positive cable, clamp it down with a pair of Vise-Grips, and throw the filter box in the back seat.

On to this morning, I drop the car off for 'emergency' maintenance, only to have the guy ask why I just didn't get a new cable on splice a new neck on myself, to which my reply was, this cable is a two part, one of which feeds the power and one that jumps up to the bumper for jump starts, to which he then understands, it's a Dodge Intrepid, that dumb engineering of putting a battery right in front of the fender well and under the air filter box.

So, in just under 20 minutes, I am set to go with a new cable, running me $114 frippin' bux! WTF! Highway robbery! C'mon now! So needless to say, it has been a bad 24 hours and I am piss poor broke!

Hope yours has been a better day!
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