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So I dropped a ton of small parts and brackets off to be powder coated; which left me with little to do on the truck, so I decided it was time to start to tackle the rat's nest in the front underhood wiring harness.

This is the main rats nest; about 13 years ago the triangular rubber junction that used to join the main power cable from the battery and all the fusible links together corroded and caught fire; the buss bar and the mess you see here was merely a quick fix to get the truck running again, as it was way up north in the dead of winter when it happened. I remember being in a parking lot of a restaurant and starting up the truck, turned on the headlights/heat and got a big puff of smoke from under the hood---I assume this was a fusible blowing---lost all power, hurried up and opened the hood to find a small fire on the wiring harness. I put it out with snow and we towed the truck back to the farm and rigged it up to run again with this mess; meaning to fix it as soon as the weather got warm....13 years later, still worked; just looks like :butt:. LOL.

Here is the solution; a PNDB module from a late model Freightliner M2 truck. This will eliminate all the fusible links and provide midi fuse protection to the alternator and all of the circuits that used fusible links. This will be much safer and clean things up nicely. I will re-pin new wires in where the chopped ones are now and make a new power harness to the PNDB. It will also feed the glow plug relays on the main supply lug from the battery. I've got the cable ends and connectors/pins for the PNDB ordered up, just need to figure out the pin part numbers in the main cab connector and get a few of those ordered.

I'll be digging thru wiring diagrams here for the next couple hours so I can size the fuses (the ones included with the module are mostly too big) properly and plan out how to make the harness for it. Stay tuned.

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