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Dan, I was thinking about my trans woes today. The other day, before I started having the issues, I was messing around under the hood. I pulled the breather assembly off to check out the carb etc. and I remember messing with the "kick down" linkage by the carb. I moved it down and back up again a couple times... Then put the breather back on.

My question is, that's not something that'd cause the tranny to act up like I described is it? I was talking to one of my neighbors, and he's like "what? Trannys don't just go from working totally fine to totally gone just like that!" I'm like "well... it did" :|

Could there be a vacuum hose or something that I may have knocked loose? I really can't believe it myself.. that it worked great for the first week, then took a giant crap on me.
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