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Check to see if you have any codes. Particularly SKIM codes.

Here's some info regarding the Dash LED:

The SKIS incorporates a warning lamp located on
the instrument panel upper cover. The lamp receives
switched ignition voltage and is hardwired to
the body control module. The lamp is actuated when
the SKIM sends a PCI Bus message to the body
controller requesting the lamp on. The body controller
then provides the ground for the lamp. The
SKIM will request lamp operation for the following:
- bulb checks at ignition on
- to alert the vehicle operator to a SKIS malfunction
For all faults except transponder faults and VIN
mismatch, the lamp remains on steady
. In the event
of a tranponder fault the light flashes at a rate of 1
Hz (once per second). If a fault is present the lamp
will remain on or flashing for the complete ignition
cycle. If a fault is stored in SKIM memory which
prevents the system form operating properly, the
PCM will allow the engine to start and run (for 2
seconds) up to six times. After the sixth attempt, the
PCM disables the starter relay until the fault is

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