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Originally Posted by JumpDrive View Post
Of course the Transmission act different once warm. Fluid viscosity changes. The TCM will change shifting with fluid temp. If you unhooked battery then you reset the adaptive learning for the transmission. Drive it normally for 100 or so miles as it reads into your driving style.

I did not ask about rather the gauge works. I asked have you verified the overheating issue? Also, a/c transducer can cause several fan issues although most the time it cuts them on. or keeps a/c from turning on. I suggest re looking at it cause if it fails the system will turn fans off ad a/c system off. The factory sensor is no longer easily found so I always grabb a few junkyard ones. Or you have to re wire a new connector for the replacement.

PCM does not control shifting. TCM does. TCM does talk to PCM but ultimately TCM decided shifting not PCM.
The engine coolant temperature sensor provides an input to the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) on circuit K2. This sensor input is also used for the instrument cluster coolant temperature gauge. See: Instrument Panel, Gauges and Warning Indicators\Temperature Gauge\Description and Operation
If the gauge is reading/behaving normally, then it is giving good info to the PCM. They are on the same circuit. The coolant temp sensor is new and has operated fine since I installed it. I have no reason to believe it is faulty. So yes, overheating is confirmed. When fans turn off, engine temp begins to heat up beyond 220* C. Fans do not come on until I turn off vehicle and restart with A/C off.

The A/C pressure transducer could very well be faulty. If so, the compressor would turn off and fans would turn off... IF my engine temp was below the threshold for the PCM to keep them on. When engine heats up, PCM should ground the fans. But it doesn't... until I restart the vehicle then fans stay on until engine reaches normal temperature. I don't believe transducer is faulty either as a/c performs perfectly. The PCM only receives signals from those two sensors, which are working fine, to run the cooling fans, thus PCM is suspect.

The TCM relies on data from the PCM also. A faulty PCM can definitely alter shifting of the transmission based on that data if it is bad. Which only happens during this period of odd behavior. So unless the TCM can control the cooling fans (can't) then the PCM is still the common denominator. Won't know for sure until I get one... don't know why these shops aren't calling me back.
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