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Originally Posted by JumpDrive View Post
The 5 volts the a/c Transducer gets also feeds the TPS and MAP. So yeah if you short out that circuit you will get issues.

Also, I know how the sensors and gauge works. I don't/didn't care about the sensor, I was wondering if you had verified if the engine was indeed running hot via another source separate from sensor. If the source voltage, or bad ground is present than readings can be wrong.

Also, Fan operations for 1g are approx:
Low speed fan on 210* F Off 199*F
High speed fan on 230*F Off 219*F

So 220* tech is still within Chrysler defined operating parameters to an extent. (Assuming you ment 220*F not C.) I would still feel 220 is high but that is a personal opinion. Not Chrysler defined.
Whoop there it is. Same Symptoms in 2nd Gen cars. Lots of stalling, shut offs, poor running, etc when the transducer craps out. It's that time of year you won't need A/C so just keep the transducer disconnected and monitor how the car runs. If all is well then plan on replacing it and working with the different wiring.
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