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I have a set of Gear Wrench brand that I’ve used a lot the last I’m guessing 8 or 10 years. And - yes - the fine ratcheting is a life saver in super tight quarters. I almost never use my traditional combination wrenches anymore (ratcheting FTW!) except for daisy chaining for extra torque.

My set is combination (vs. box on both ends), but of course the only time you need open end is in an in-line (hose, pipe, rod) situation, but you generally should use a line wrench for those anyway. The only time I use open end anymore is when the nut is larger than the size of my ratchet wrenches, and for some of the more common larger ones on my cars, I’ve individually bought that size in a ratcheting wrench.

As far as price, if you can expense them, I say go for it. They are definitely good quality. When things have been hard to break loose, I’ve beat on mine with a 4 lb. hammer, and multiplied torque by daisy chaining a second wrench (one thing you can do more readily with combination wrenches). Never broken one or degraded the ratcheting action one iota.

Agree with KxWarrior about the case. My SAE set didn’t come with a case, but of course they don’t get used as much, so not a big deal. A case is of course good for traveling like you’re doing, Ron.

One of my sets is Titan brand. Don’t remember where I got that one (O’Reilly’s?). It has also held up well.

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