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ASD relay working? swap it with another relay next to it. make sure there is voltage at orange wire at all sensors with key in run pos. relay will click when key is turned on. FP primes up? if FP primes up and have good voltage at all sensors then that means that the ASD is working. and it shoudl run start as long as ECM and Fuel pressure and sensor output signals and ign coils etc are all good. have theft or security system? theft light on in dash? should go out in a couple seconds after key in run position.. if not it wont start run. a simple multi tester will determine the referance voltage at sensors. i had to go through all this to eliminte ASD and sensors etc on the 93 in order to find out something has failed in the ECM, so im looking for another ECJ for it now. stil. it somehow died and fried when i started the car without the alternator connected... check wire pin at connector for that sensor, maybe it is loose pin in connector or corroded or break in wire. do continuity test at PCM cvonnect and at sensor wire plug on the sensor output signal wire make sure its not high resistance or open. with the multi tester on a lower ohms setting.. it should be like one ohm or less resistance. ign switch in column could be worn bad too. contacts in it. difficult to diagnose this one.. hav ot check for power to coil packs and to the control modulkes etc to determine ign switch fault wear contact issue. with the 54 code im gonna vote for the sensor, or one of the wires to/from the sensor to the PCM connector being high resistance or open. or corroded pin etc. the sensor signal/output to PCM wire. you can watch for the 0 to 5 volts alternating signal off and on at each sensor with the multi tester and key in run position and rotate engine by hand. at the signal wire in at the PCM to verify sensors working and signal wire condition all way to PCM connector.

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