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Originally Posted by dbaudiopro
You get anything but "instant" response with the auto stick. You can kick the lever, but it will still shift at the same slow speed as it does in "D". Yes you can choose the shift point, but it's still a piss poor replacement for a real manual with a clutch. The only reason I usually run in autostick mode is because it will force redline before shifting. In "D" the car will shift sooner even at WOT for some dumb reason and i'm guaranteed not to upshift when I'm out of the throttle. It takes a lot of getting used to though due to all the engine braking that occurs. By forcing it to stay in first as soon as you let off the throttle at 6000RPM it's like stomping the brakes, very unsettling to the balance of the car...
They must have changed the TCM program for 2002 when they merged the computers. While there is about a half-second delay between the request (slam the stick) and the shift, the shift itself is very quick - not quite as fast as the B&M kit in the Road Runner but close! Same for the red-line shift, very quick. Downshift speeds are a little different and depend on how close the throttle position is to the downshift RPMs. We definitely agree on one thing, though - letting off the pedal near WOT can be quite a jolt ...!
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