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Dodge News

DodgeIntrepid.Net site news. Only moderators can post, but anyone can reply.
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New Members Forum

Welcome new members to DodgeIntrepid.Net, find all important info here; and introduce yourself.
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DodgeIntrepid AutoGuide Forum Use and Support

Registered but never got a confirmation email? Ideas on how to improve the site? How to use the forums? Want to test a feature? Post them here!
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Dodge Intrepid Club Events Forum Post your meets, events, and location information here.

Meets and Events

Announce, Plan, and Organize meets, shows, and other events.
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DodgeIntrepid.Net Main Forums Discuss general LH related topics here.

General Discussion

Discuss anything related to Dodge, Daimler-Chrysler, or the Intrepid.
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Street Stories Etc.

Got a crazy story that happened to you in a car? Want to post your track times? Got a kill? Post it here.
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Intrepid Imaging

Here's a place to show off your Photoshop skills. If you don't have skills, request an image from someone who does!
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Show and Shine

How to keep your car looking it's best! Share your detailing tips.
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Car Audio and Video

Need help deciding on the perfect system? Find out how to install that new DVD player, headunit, speakers, or neons you bought.
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Tools, Shop, and Safety Talk

Discuss your tools, where you work on the car, and how you stay safe while doing so.
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Wheel and Tire Tech

For everything on your car that touches the road.
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Dodge Intrepid First Generation Forums (1993-1997) Discuss anything related to the 93-97 Dodge Intrepid here.

General Discussion (First Generation)

Discuss anything related to the first generation Intrepid. If you have an issue with your car, post it here.
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Performance / Modifications (First Generation)

First generation performance and modification discussion.
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Show off your Intrepid (First Generation)

Post you pictures to show off your Intrepid.
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Dodge Intrepid Second Generation Forum (1998-2004) Discuss anything related to the 98-04 Intrepid here.

General Discussion (Second Generation)

Discuss anything related to the second generation Intrepid. If you have an issue with your car, post it here.
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Performance / Modifications (Second Generation)

Second generation performance and modification discussion.
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Show off your Intrepid (Second Generation)

Post your pictures to show off your Intrepid.
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Chrysler LH Platform Forums Discuss Concorde, 300M and LHS here.

Chrysler 300M

Discuss anything related to the Chrysler 300M here.
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Chrysler Concorde, LHS, and Eagle Vision

Discuss all generations of Chrysler Concorde, LHS, and Eagle Vision here.
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Performance / Modifications

LH Platform performance and modification discussion.
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Show off your Chrysler

Post pictures of your Chrysler Concorde, LHS, 300M, or New Yorker.
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Dodge Intrepid Forum - Off Topic


Anything goes here (within reason). If it doesn't fit in another category, put it here. WARNING: This section can contain heated debates regarding political and religious topics. Proceed at your own risk.
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Computers, Networking & Technology

Since most of us are in the IT field, we can discuss those topic here. Even if you're not, maybe we can help with your problems.
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Sports Discussion Talk

All sports from Baseball, Hockey, MMA, Soccer and more. Formerly Nascar Talk.
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Non-LH Vehicle Discussion

General Discussion, other Mopar Vehicles

Discuss any Mopar other than the Intrepid, 300M, and LHS/Concorde.
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Discuss your performance mods on your non-LH vehicle.
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General Discussion, Non-Mopar Vehicles

Discuss anything with four wheels that is not a Mopar.
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Show off your Non-LH Vehicle

If you have another ride you would like to show off, this is the place to do it. Make a show off thread for your non-LH vehicle here!
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Vendor Deals

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Buy-Sell-Trade List anything you may need to buy, sell, or trade here.

Dodge Intrepids For Sale

Looking to buy or sell an Intrepid, this is the place.
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Buy / Sell / Trade

If you have something you want to buy or sell, or organize a group buy, post it here.
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Authorized sponsor area.
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