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DodgeIntrepid.Net site news. Only moderators can post, but anyone can reply.
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New Members Forum

Welcome new members to DodgeIntrepid.Net, find all important info here; and introduce yourself.
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Dodge Intrepid Club Events Forum Post your meets, events, and location information here.

Meets and Events

Announce, Plan, and Organize meets, shows, and other events.
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DodgeIntrepid.Net Main Forums Discuss general LH related topics here.

General Discussion

Discuss anything related to Dodge, Daimler-Chrysler, or the Intrepid.
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Street Stories Etc.

Got a crazy story that happened to you in a car? Want to post your track times? Got a kill? Post it here.
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Intrepid Imaging

Here's a place to show off your Photoshop skills. If you don't have skills, request an image from someone who does!
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Show and Shine

How to keep your car looking it's best! Share your detailing tips.
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Car Audio and Video

Need help deciding on the perfect system? Find out how to install that new DVD player, headunit, speakers, or neons you bought.
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Tools, Shop, and Safety Talk

Discuss your tools, where you work on the car, and how you stay safe while doing so.
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Wheel and Tire Tech

For everything on your car that touches the road.
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Dodge Intrepid First Generation Forums (1993-1997) Discuss anything related to the 93-97 Dodge Intrepid here.

General Discussion (First Generation)

Discuss anything related to the first generation Intrepid. If you have an issue with your car, post it here.
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Performance / Modifications (First Generation)

First generation performance and modification discussion.
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Show off your Intrepid (First Generation)

Post you pictures to show off your Intrepid.
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Dodge Intrepid Second Generation Forum (1998-2004) Discuss anything related to the 98-04 Intrepid here.

General Discussion (Second Generation)

Discuss anything related to the second generation Intrepid. If you have an issue with your car, post it here.
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Performance / Modifications (Second Generation)

Second generation performance and modification discussion.
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Show off your Intrepid (Second Generation)

Post your pictures to show off your Intrepid.
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Chrysler LH Platform Forums Discuss Concorde, 300M and LHS here.

Chrysler 300M

Discuss anything related to the Chrysler 300M here.
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Chrysler Concorde, LHS, and Eagle Vision

Discuss all generations of Chrysler Concorde, LHS, and Eagle Vision here.
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Performance / Modifications

LH Platform performance and modification discussion.
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Show off your Chrysler

Post pictures of your Chrysler Concorde, LHS, 300M, or New Yorker.
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Dodge Intrepid Forum - Off Topic

Computers, Networking & Technology

Since most of us are in the IT field, we can discuss those topic here. Even if you're not, maybe we can help with your problems.
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Sports Discussion Talk

All sports from Baseball, Hockey, MMA, Soccer and more. Formerly Nascar Talk.
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Non-LH Vehicle Discussion

General Discussion, other Mopar Vehicles

Discuss any Mopar other than the Intrepid, 300M, and LHS/Concorde.
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Discuss your performance mods on your non-LH vehicle.
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General Discussion, Non-Mopar Vehicles

Discuss anything with four wheels that is not a Mopar.
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Show off your Non-LH Vehicle

If you have another ride you would like to show off, this is the place to do it. Make a show off thread for your non-LH vehicle here!
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Vendor Deals

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Buy-Sell-Trade List anything you may need to buy, sell, or trade here.

Dodge Intrepids For Sale

Looking to buy or sell an Intrepid, this is the place.
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Buy / Sell / Trade

If you have something you want to buy or sell, or organize a group buy, post it here.
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Authorized sponsor area.
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The Archives Archived discussions old forums. READ-ONLY. Closed to new posts.

Car of the Month (COTM)

The past winners of the Car of the Month Contest.
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  1. 04 Police Pkg (front) 80k miles 04 ES with severe frame and engine damage (middle) 55k 01 RT with minor front end damage (back) 60k Helping out a friend with the RT. It's almost ready to get back on the road. The interior, fenders, doors and trunk lid of the ES will be moved to the Police...
  2. This past Friday, I noticed coming home that my battery light came on after a short time driving home from where I had just left. I had one more stop, so I stopped, and when I started the car up again, the light was off, but again, came on a short time later. (I haven't noticed for sure, but...
  3. General Discussion (First Generation)
    Are there any threads left that include photos of someone changing their rack bushings? I have a 1996 Concorde 3.5 LXi, and I need some images to go along with instructions. So far, since the new forum software install, I can't find old photos anywhere.
  4. General Discussion (Second Generation)
    Hi all Google app freezing images - please ignore that. The belt squeal happens when compressor cycles on. BTW - I was having an unrelated issue with leaking noisy power steering.
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