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Vehicle Name The M
Year 2003
Make Chrysler
Model 300M
Color Black
Packages Special Edition
2003 Chrysler 300M
History Bought it for $800 because it had a bad rod knock. Aside from the clear coat starting to peel around the rear window, the body was in excellent condition; I couldn't let it go to the scrap yard. The original engine spun #6 rod bearing and spread metal contamination everywhere. The block was about the only thing reuseable (with major cleaning). Pulled an 01 engine from a parts car and swapped the timing components over. My biggest complaint is that as I was loading the replacement engine into the truck, my brother handed me a certified letter from the city saying that I had a "junk" car that had to be removed from the property. Next day, the car was up and running (Dave L. can kiss my a**).
Refinished the yellowed head lights.

Swapped the light taupe shifter bezel and console lid for slate. Replaced pop-out cupholder with a molded cupholder. Installed courtesy lights in the front doors. Changed all interior lights to LEDs. Added a chrome shift knob.

In-Car Entertainment
Replaced the cassette deck for a NAV unit (RB1).

Under the Hood
Came with a K&N J-intake when I bought it.
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