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Revelwolf 12-15-2011 05:59 PM

Hacked Harness, need help with wiring
Seasons Greetings!

So after troubleshooting the radio that came with my car (aftermarket JVC) to where I pull the unit out and look at the connections, I found what can only be described as a Gagle-F. The harness was chopped, and only hooked up to the power wire (probably why I had 3 blown fuses...). It looks like they also tried to hack the power wire from the Auto Air Temp controller (most likely trying to figure out that they needed to ground the new HU). The braided ground was bolted to the grounding bolt next to the gas peddle.

Reason I started a new thread? I can't find the wiring diagram online that coincides with ALL the color wires I have. I've looked for the past three days, and found no clue here, or on google. I have no idea where to go.

I do have a factory amp, which I want to keep (if it still works).

2001 Dodge trep ES - Leather seats, power everything, Sail speakers marked as "Infinity."

The wires in my car (just fill in the blank if you would):

Red - Acc
Orange - Dimmer
Pink - 12V Constant
Green/Red - Amp power
Purple/Yellow - PCI Buss
Brown/Red - Left Front (-)
Green - Left Front (+)
Brown/Light-blue - Left Rear (-)
Brown/Yellow - Left Rear (+)
Purple - Right Front (+)
Blue/Red - Right Front (-)
Blue/Orange - Right Rear (-)
Blue/White - Right Rear (+)

Again, before anyone gets crazy and calls the Vogons on me, I did search, but some of the wires really got me confused.

I plan on soldering in the new HU connector, and never touching this Mess again.

Any help is appreciated, and dope-slaps are welcome if they are merited.



Revelwolf 12-16-2011 01:58 PM

I got a lot of the wires filled out. Still don't know what this Purple (violet)/Yellow wire is...

paintballdude05 12-16-2011 01:59 PM

That's PCI bus... no real need for it if you have an aftermarket radio.

Revelwolf 12-17-2011 02:57 PM


Originally Posted by paintballdude05 (Post 1925640)
That's PCI bus... no real need for it if you have an aftermarket radio.

Thanks, This stuff threw me cause I couldn't find the diagrams that had this wire, nor the Green/Red wire... Didn't know that the other wires. Thanks for the help!


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