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  33. Kids getting to swear at their teachers
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  35. Rude place names.
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  38. the Superdome's not so super...
  39. Confessions of a cabbie.
  40. Beware the car nazi.
  41. Can someone carfax this please?
  42. It's Not Just the Spending
  43. Total Posts: 3,952 (15.00 posts per day) neone beat or post something close
  44. what pulse
  45. Spare Tire Gone
  46. Seth Green is a genius (and quite messed up!)
  47. Gas is going to go up big time
  48. rolling stones stage at fenway(8-21-05 opening day of tour)
  49. 60 million idiots
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  51. I've heard of moving house, but this is taking it to the extreme.
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  74. Peace out
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  83. adios, again.
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  96. aygo soccer
  97. From the "what the hell were they thinking" file.
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  99. plase read somthing i need all of your help with
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  109. America's Army
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  113. Proof that computer games can kill
  114. Saw this on the tonight show
  115. Talk about a crappy day, LOL
  116. Kiteboarding with (hurricane)Dennis
  117. i got stung by a damn wasp last night
  118. You spray more....
  119. Boycott Dukes of Hazzard Movie
  120. Bongo's Birthday!!!!!
  121. I think I got Ripped off on Ebay!!!
  122. On those cold winter nights... someone to wrap their arms ummm arm around you.
  123. Happy Birthday DJPill!!!!!
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  125. For those that think that gas is expensive here in the US...
  126. Mars viewing
  127. Bigger Brother/Bloke
  128. Safe landing for Discovery
  129. More Educated = Democratic, Less Educated = Republican???
  130. God.. Speaking of Dukes of Hazzard
  131. Saw something new today! Crazy!
  132. Gas prices hit 99.9 cents per litre :(
  133. Just found this.. wow...
  134. 53% is better than 48%
  135. Wee willy wee wee
  136. The Horror...the horror
  137. Peter Jennings dead at 67
  138. totally owned...
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  142. for the love of God, why cant i have $42,000 to spare??
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  144. This Bear has some balls!
  145. been a hell of a day
  146. I'm Moving Out!!!!!
  147. US Government changes it's emblem.
  148. His fight was ended
  149. Who's KC9AFC?
  150. Copy Machine Revenge
  151. .50 cal is not an anti-personnel weapon..or is it?
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  153. Maybe I would drive a VW...
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  163. New Job !!! :)
  164. OMG, gas prices hit 97.7 per litre today!
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  166. someone give me $98k
  167. "I have never used steroids. Period."
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  173. Stopped by to say hi
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  186. Any re-animation volunteers?
  187. Australia Outlaws Grand Theft Auto
  188. Japanese Develop "Female" Android
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  191. Ingredients For Life Found In Early Universe
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  193. Concentration test for men *NSFW*
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  196. This is an Energy bill ?
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  198. 1st Visit to NYC
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  203. check this out the big dog
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  205. Over There..
  206. chattin about cars (for you Race)
  207. An then there was a ring
  208. Your children fight in the car during long drives?
  209. For some reason Gay has fallen out of favor...
  210. Anyone remember the movie, "Monster Squad?"
  211. this is wrong and all f***ed up
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  243. Lol.
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  247. why old men shouldn't fight
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