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General Discussion, other Mopar Vehicles

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  1. Beijing Auto Makes a move on Opel
  2. NHTSA debating imposing more safety
  3. The new Mini Miata
  4. New Lambo Gallardo LP550 spied
  5. Chrysler sales fall by 42%
  6. Aston Martin mini in the works
  7. Tesla opens UK dealership
  8. Honda's new hybrid disappoints
  9. Picked up 09 Legacy GT used, had secrets.....
  10. The newest super powerful Diesel
  11. GM to retain lawsuits after reorganization
  12. Toyota turns focus on North America
  13. Italian Tuner goes to work on Alfa Mito GTA
  14. Porsche Spyder returns
  15. VW pursuing mini car alliance with Suzuki?
  16. Lincoln MKZ gets luxury dress-up with new option
  17. Alfa Romeo coming back to U.S.
  18. Hydrogen city car rolls out in the UK
  19. BMW to introduce 306hp Turbo Diesel
  20. Ford to receive Energy Department loans
  21. Making sense of the Fiat/Chrysler deal
  22. GM, Chrysler retirees race to get dental, eye care
  23. Ford's better idea.......
  24. GM to stop building Pontiac Vibe in August
  25. Feds: Auto suppliers need no aid
  26. Auto Loan defaults rise
  27. Iacocca leads volunteers to Chrysler
  28. New Superlight VW Golf
  29. A new Chrysler is born
  30. Judge allows Chrysler to close 25% of dealers
  31. My baby is leaving me
  32. Codemasters sets Guinness record with driving sim
  33. Ford wants to re-negotiate with CAW
  34. delorean
  35. GM to close down more dealers
  36. Magna expect to take over Opel by September
  37. Ford ups production for new market share
  38. GM is finished
  39. Picked up a 2005 Bonneville GXP today!!!
  40. Interview with chief Audi designer Stefan Sielaff
  41. Fiat CEO in discussion on Opel bid
  42. CAW members approve GM set cost cutting
  43. GM will not terminate hourly pensions
  44. GM takes another $4 billion
  45. The great battle for Opel
  46. 98 Caravan not resetting
  47. When Chrysler meets Saturn
  48. 3 companies bid for GM Europe
  49. Feds invest another $7.5 billion into GMAC
  50. New Chrysler CEO announced
  51. 35.5mpg by 2016 as per Obama
  52. GM looks at bankruptcy options
  53. Chrysler tries to keep suppliers afloat
  54. Fast & Furious 4 Skyline Stolen
  55. GM stock sinks to $1
  56. Saab deal on the table
  57. Experts agree GM headed for bankruptcy
  58. heading downhill
  59. I need a little help... ok a lot of help
  60. Chrysler to finalize dealer cuts by Thursday
  61. Renault interested in Saturn
  62. Cadillac, Pontiac Cut STS-V,G6-GXP
  63. Chevrolet Impala SS Canned For 2010
  64. Ford to build new Focus based electric in Michigan
  65. Penske bids on Saturn
  66. Magna seeks stake in Opel
  67. Riding in the 2010 Ford Taurus SHO Prototype
  68. Hyundai-Kia Displaces Nissan As Number Six Automaker In US
  69. The true Chrysler merger story
  70. Chrysler saga increases tension at GM
  71. Nardelli to step down as Chrysler CEO
  72. Probe into Ford Tire Valves ends
  73. Honda Posts $1.4 Billion Profit
  74. Audi aims at U.S. luxury market
  75. GM Employee fund unloads GM shares!
  76. GM Hopes Volt wins over the White House
  77. VW sales fall
  78. Dirty Air Filter= Almost No Effect on Fuel Economy?
  79. Chrysler buys batteries from A123
  80. Toyota makes changes at the top
  81. VW Beetle maker goes bankrupt
  82. GM Unveils 2010 direct injection engine
  83. Daimler CEO warns of cost cutting
  84. Toyota OK with GM going bankrupt
  85. Danger even in 'safe' small cars
  86. Auto Aid changing politics
  87. Baja 6.5HP minibike
  88. China outsells U.S. in terms of car sales
  89. Toyota shuffling management
  90. U.S. Government order 18k green cars
  91. Canada offers aid to auto industry
  92. Car repair up as economy struggles
  93. Toyota?s hopes and dreams
  94. Court gives equipment access to Chrysler
  95. GMAC going back to subprime
  96. March auto sales downturn
  97. Massive Pot Luck
  98. The saga
  99. GM's ousted CEO eligible for $20M retirement package
  100. Wagoner of GM gets booted
  101. Grandpa wants a sporty luxury car :D
  102. GM CEO Rick Wagoner to resign
  103. Saturn Sucks
  104. Average mpg to increase 8%
  105. 2nd Prius headed our way from Toyota
  106. ODB2 code reader
  107. Ford Credit spending money to save Ford
  108. Audi ties the knot with the Yankees
  109. UAW looking for Gettelfinger successor
  110. First Drive: 2010 Chevrolet Camaro V6 Prototype
  111. Leaked: 2010 Kia Sorento
  112. Just for fun: Burning rubber in the 2010 Chevy Camaro(Video)
  113. Performance World 2009 Pictures
  114. The Most Powerful Diesel Engine in the World
  115. Which to get for the C-3500
  116. Audi TT-S with a 5 cylinder turbo
  117. Treasury?s auto section to be led by private investor
  118. Obama Administration on Auto Emissions
  119. Nissan to shift some production from Japan to Mexico
  120. Ford reaches agreement with UAW
  121. Lancia Delta revealed
  122. Carfax information please
  123. Obama?s auto team drive imports
  124. hybrids ... not impressed
  125. GM, Chrysler asking for help from above
  126. Luxury car sales waaay down
  127. Ricer fart pipe
  128. Mazda MX-5 Miata celebrates 20th anniversary
  129. Oil pump....Lincoln style
  130. Europe car sales drop 27% in January
  131. GM announces more temp layoffs
  132. Garage shelf - Mustang style
  133. Auto tax break could boost sales by 100k cars
  134. Fiat warns of heavy job losses
  135. VW?s light truck sales to Russia up 78 percent in ?08
  136. AutoNation 4Q profit climbs on tax adjustment
  137. Ford Motor Credit to cut 1,200 jobs
  138. Chrysler orders more price cuts from suppliers
  139. 1998 Grand Prix
  140. GM cancels engine factory for Volt, Cruze
  141. Honda 2008 output rose as China offset U.S., Europe
  142. Best 90's sedans?
  143. Tesla buyers facing kit blow
  144. Chrysler talks to others in case Feds veto Fiat deal
  145. GM cuts Russia output
  146. Nissan restructuring North American operation
  147. Ford to put Volvo on the auction block next month
  148. Elena Ford to head Ford?s global marketing
  149. Ford reports record $14.6B loss
  150. Honda announces further U.S./Canada production cuts
  151. GM to suspend jobs bank on Feb. 2
  152. Mitsubishi extends downtime at Illinois factory
  153. Toyota #1 and VW #3?
  154. Nissan makes further production cuts
  155. Ford Fiesta launched in China
  156. Nardelli Confirms Chrysler Hard At Work On New Durango 300 And Charger
  157. Magna to buy Chrysler from Cerberus?
  158. Kia launching new efficient technologies in Europe
  159. Jaguar priming mid engine sportscar against Audi R8
  160. AMG: Horsepower war over
  161. Daimler to buy Tesla batteries for electric Smart
  162. No Joke: Toyota managers shop for Toyotas
  163. VW sues over Lambo dealer stealing $12million of inventory
  164. Tokyo Motor Show may be cancelled this year
  165. Ford F-150 earns highest safety award
  166. Sales of imports into Japan drop
  167. Toyota Japan cutting wages
  168. GM bringing Chevy Beat?
  169. UAW could bankrupt GM
  170. GM struggling to offload Saab
  171. Audi introducing TDI A3 in early 2010
  172. Audi posts record sales
  173. Chrysler looks at small pickup
  174. Ford expands with Sync 2.0
  175. Ford Taurus SHO set to return?
  176. 92' Mercury Cougar 3.8L troubles.....
  177. Top auto dealers credit ratings cut
  178. Subaru set to post 08 sales increase
  179. EVIC question
  180. Just say no thanks to thank-you ads
  181. Richard Petty Co no more
  182. Porsche begins production of Cayenne Diesel
  183. No Mexican buyout for Honda
  184. Economy stops Suzuki from lending to dealers
  185. Kerkorian sells remaining Ford shares
  186. Treasury to buy $5 billion stake to bail out GMAC
  187. Mich. hopes to plug in to battery business
  188. Auto woes rock black work force
  189. Japan auto production drops huge
  190. Toyota staying in F1
  191. 1995 Caravan Problem
  192. GM, Chrysler suffer more ratings downgrades
  193. Volvo offers free maintenance for ?09
  194. Canadian Govt. offers $4 billion bailout to Big Three
  195. GM shifts focus to loan conditions
  196. GM denies Chrysler merger talks
  197. Chrysler to idle all plants; Ford to idle 9 plants
  198. Cost on Challenger SRT8
  199. Fiat temporarily suspends 48,000 workers
  200. Ford the top safety pick
  201. JoeKD's 1996 Mustang GT convertible
  202. Tire width size advice needed
  203. E28 5 Series
  204. Chevrolet Cruze WTCC racer debut
  205. Synthetic Oil.
  206. Leaking Gas Tank Problem
  207. Audi R8 Spider convertible
  208. Anybody here know anything about Jeep YJ's?
  209. BMW to go Turbo, drop Diesel
  210. 2009 Jeep Patriot
  211. GMAC, Chrysler, Cerberus in trouble
  212. Honda Insight Eco Assist Concept
  213. 2009 BMW 750i to come with twin turbo V8
  214. 2009 Audi RS6 introduced in Dubai
  215. The BEG 3
  216. Audi A4L Introduced in China
  217. 2009 Design of the Year: Audi A5
  218. Our interview with model Kimmie Jay *worksafe*
  219. 20? HRE Carbon Fiber Wheels
  220. Brabus Tuned Tesla Roadster
  221. 89 Chevy Caprice needs....
  222. Oil prices retreat
  223. GM may get special bailout package
  224. John Heinricy retires from GM after 40 years
  225. Dodge Dakota R/T
  226. Fiat unveiling Bugster electric vehicle
  227. Slow times at SEMA
  228. 2009 Audi TTS and Roadster pricing announced
  229. 2009 Audi S4 Test Drive
  230. GM Used Car Incentives scrapped
  231. Detroit Bailout New York Times Critique
  232. Chrysler Introduces Plusher Interiors for Minivan's 25th Anniversary
  233. 2010 Ford Fusion
  234. Mercedes begins layoffs
  235. Sick R8 in the SEMA parking lot
  236. Pontiac Set To Unveil G8 GXP With 638-HP LSX Crate Motor
  237. BMW?s own OnStar released in Europe
  238. 2010 Hyundai Genesis
  239. 2010 Ford Taurus Prototypes
  240. Tesla out of cash?
  241. GM- Chrysler deal hits a wall
  242. GM sales drop
  243. GM wants $10 billion in aid to buy Chrysler
  244. Corvette Chief Tom Wallace retiring
  245. Chevy Volt battery contract awarded
  246. Our interview with Synthia Sweets *worksafe*
  247. Insane Nissan 200SX with Turbocharged BMW M5 Engine
  248. VW Global Sales up 3.9%
  249. Would you buy stock now...
  250. GM extending employee discounts