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General Discussion, other Mopar Vehicles

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  1. Viper a hot commodity
  2. Aston Martin and Mercedes-Benz to join forces
  3. Ricer codebook of driving
  4. Scion coming to Canada in 2010
  5. Mini E Revealed Full Electric
  6. Audi pushes out the message with a plow
  7. Top Secret Skyline GT-R in Dubai?
  8. Gm shoping chrysler and dodge?
  9. Order your 2009 CTS-V today! Pricing released!
  10. LOUD02Special's 1990 Mitsubishi Mighty Max 4WD
  11. 911 GT2 killa?
  12. Toyota possibly bringing iQ to America
  13. Audi wins 7th Internet Auto Awards in Europe
  14. Need to have a 700+ credit score to get a GM!
  15. Chrysler GM merger?
  16. Aston Martin to Revive Lagonda
  17. BMW working on next generation turbos
  18. Volkswagen Jetta TDI sold out in USA
  19. $1.4 million dollar Bentley
  20. Cheap Gallardo, minor defect, guess how much
  21. 350hp Oettinger Scirocco Coupe
  22. Audi won?t dilute RS series
  23. Nissan GT-R warranty disaster costs owner $20k
  24. Audi A1 a possibility for North America?
  25. Hyundai?s 310hp V6 2 door sportscar
  26. Muscle car prices declining
  27. VW new models and concept planning
  28. UK auto sector going dowwwwn?
  29. VIP Styled Hyundai Genesis at SEMA
  30. Toyota to export truck production from U.S.
  31. The copcar of the future
  32. Would you buy a fake 911 Turbo?
  33. Toyota’s annual profit could slide 40%
  34. U.S. auto sales predicted to plummet to 13.4 million in 2009
  35. Maserati to come out with small 4 door
  36. BMW M5 pickup (Ute) -Different-
  37. Canada: Edmonton Photo Radar Trial Underway
  38. VW outperforms Ford in global sales
  39. Tazzari Zero electric vehicle
  40. New Chryslers due out in 2010
  41. Chevrolet Orlando to launch in 2009, not in U.S.
  42. Neiman Marcus 7 Series BMW only $160k
  43. Porsche to take control of Volkswagen on Nov. 26th
  44. Audi confirms electric car
  45. Audi RS5 SpyShot
  46. Ford Ka coming to North America
  47. BMW M Gmbh sets new sales record
  48. Honda official vehicle of NHL
  49. Tata abandons Nano factory
  50. Inventor of wiper mechanism on a lawsuit spree
  51. Auto industry Bailout?
  52. Audi Unveils 72 MPG A1 Sportback Hybrid
  53. Chrysler pushes ahead in Russia
  54. Audi expects rebound in sales for 2009
  55. Toyo Tires bringing custom Nissan GT-R to SEMA
  56. becomes
  57. Audi feels confident about 2008
  58. The Joule electric car
  59. Things to Come!
  60. Mitsu Mighty Max Question
  61. Ford Van Problem
  62. Key dance - or something similar for buick?
  63. Impala loaner car
  64. Trade offer for my 300M
  65. Another new paint Job
  66. '04 Grand Am rear brakes
  67. dakotas 08 Avenger
  68. LH wheels on a non-LH vehicle...
  69. After 5 funky years, Toyota's Scion now finds itself in a funk
  70. GM's really bad news: Its revenue
  71. Crisis at Chrysler: Buyers bail
  72. Reventon...56K, Beware
  73. Old Oldsmobile problems
  74. July U.s. Sales
  75. Chrysler says it had positive income in first half
  76. Chrysler says it will end leasing next week
  77. X-Prize up for grabs again... $10million again...
  78. Ford to revamp lineup after $8.7 billion Q2 loss
  79. NOPI cancels all events for Summer/Fall 2007
  80. Cadillac Escalade completely stripped... well, almost!
  81. Chrysler may alter Sebring, Avenger
  82. GM cutting back on NASCAR spending
  83. Reality is about to hit GM Racing's NASCAR programs - hard
  84. Small-car boom misses Chrysler
  85. Toyota sputters as market shifts
  86. GM's defining moment
  87. Dodge Charger police cars: where they are, who is using them
  88. The Detroit 3 cash crunch: How bad is it?
  89. GM, Ford stock prices tumble
  90. Automakers post major drops in sales
  91. Gas prices fuel drop in car owner satisfaction
  92. NASCAR is about to feel Detroit's chill
  93. New Dodge Ram promises improved fuel economy
  94. Ford talks with Chinese to sell Volvo-Volvo says it will cut 2,000 jobs
  95. Ford delays 2009 F-150 release by two months
  96. 'Like house of cards,' used trucks fall
  97. Alleged sales scam snares Ohio dealers
  98. What would you do for $2.25 gas?
  99. Hummer Bummer: A death sentence?
  100. New F-150, Ram in peril as big pickups collapse
  101. Bye, bye Focus!!! Say hello to my new ride!!! (big pictures!)
  102. Dodge refocuses marketing muscle for Challenger, Ram
  103. GM calls Hummer sale a strong option
  104. Toyota trims truck production amid sales decline
  105. GM stock hits new lows, auto stocks suffer
  106. Should I put ATF+4 in my 1995 Dodge Caravan?
  107. Daimler and BMW to merge?!
  108. Cars outsell Ford F-series for first time since ’92
  109. Chrysler faces tricky dealer mergers
  110. Cerberus denies selling stakes in Chrysler, GMAC
  111. Chevrolet to get a new compact car for sale early next year
  112. May U.s. Sales
  113. GM to close four plants, may unload Hummer
  114. Analysts forecast 10% drop in May sales
  115. New Dodge Challenger SRT8 cruises into supercar class
  116. Dodge sees market share gains with 2009 Ram pickup
  117. Ford announces sweeping '08 production cuts
  118. Chrysler Corporation 1962: the right cars for the wrong time
  119. Industry groups and foes unite on title washing
  120. Need help with 98 Sebring LXi Overdrive!
  121. The new Dodge Challenger has the muscle to compete and smoke 'em
  122. Toyota Patent Infringement re:Hybrid Synergy Drive
  123. U.S. convertible registrations drop for first time since '03
  124. LaSorda: Chrysler wants small cars 'as fast as we can'
  125. Change of plan: No Kia or Hyundai pickup for U.S.
  126. Toyota feels bite of U.S. downturn
  127. Holy Crap! Nice deal. Let's Refuel America.
  128. APRIL U.S. SALES-Truck sales hemorrhage; car sales get stronger
  129. Jerry York: I'd sell Volvo, Mercury if I were Ford chief
  130. Toyota Division inventories soar to record high
  131. Dealer groups struggle to offset new car slump
  132. GM posts $3.25 billion loss in Q1, stock rises
  133. new ZR1 vette
  134. cab forward clarity fcx --- precisely nice rice
  135. NSRA Nationals
  136. VW offers free maintenance with 2009 models
  137. Chrysler lowers car loan rate
  138. Detroit in the ditch
  139. Chrysler won't produce more twins, exec says
  140. Challenger's power may not be pricey-Muscle car could start at $23,995
  141. Same as it ever was for VW
  142. GM's 1Q global sales fall, trails Toyota
  143. Chevrolet to offer Malibu LTZ with a new powertrain
  144. Dodge predicts brisk sales for Challenger
  145. Carlos dreams big as the Chrysler-Nissan deal moves toward its inevitable conclusion
  146. An alliance would suit Chrysler well
  147. Toyota will buy back rusted Tacomas
  148. Veteran Detroit 3 dealer: 'The future is quite bleak'
  149. Report: Chrysler in cooperation talks with Fiat
  150. Nissan, Chrysler strike deal for truck, car
  151. Chrysler plans hybrid Dodge Ram
  152. Buick: As Chicago goes, so goes the nation
  153. SALES TALES: What they're buying — and what they're not
  154. Ford: Quality is even with Honda, Toyota
  155. Toyota sports car to arrive in 2011 with Subaru engine
  156. A “What if?” scenario for GM
  157. Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge, and Jeep, 1998
  158. G8: Good to go fast-Rear-drive sedan redeems Pontiac
  159. Toyota pickup probe pushed-Sudden acceleration claims hard to pin down
  160. Chrysler has high hopes for Dodge crossover
  161. Jim Press creates PR mess for Toyota and Chrysler
  162. Jim Press: Prius was 100% subsidized by Japan
  163. 2009 Dodge Journey R/T AWD car reviews
  164. Auto sales plummet by 12%-GM: 'Lowest March on record'
  165. Detroit's changing work force-$14 per hour: The new auto dream job
  166. The minivan is dead, right? Think again
  167. Oldsmobile Returns!
  168. FPV of Australia!!Gotta see these!!!
  169. Strike forces GM to idle Detroit assembly plant
  170. Buy American, get Chinese engine
  171. Chrysler shuffles development execs again
  172. GM to pay in coolant repair cases-Customers to receive up to $800 each
  173. Chrysler Bashing Gone Wild
  174. Nissan cuts Mexico production on low U.S. demand
  175. Done - Ford unloads Jaguar, Land Rover to Tata
  176. Bob Nardelli’s speech to the journalists, 2008 New York Auto Show
  177. Future could be bright for Jag, Land Rover
  178. 2009 Lamborghini Reventon
  179. Key Chrysler product developer Donoughe quits
  180. Challenger
  181. Camaro won't be positioned as a muscle car
  182. From New York -- The New Nissan Maxima
  183. 2008 Chrysler 300C AWD Car Review
  184. Hyundai headed for trouble ???
  185. Pontiac’s resurrection gets lost in translation
  186. The 2008-2009 Dodge Challenger cars (SE, R/T, and Challenger SRT8)
  187. Toyota says likely to miss '08 sales target
  188. Lutz: GM mulls 4-cylinder engine for new Camaro-a Bit More Info
  189. Nardelli: Chrysler won't need more capacity cuts-Press sees 'big drop' in March
  190. Dodge rolls out full Challenger line
  191. J.D. Power issues bleak U.S. sales outlook
  192. Pontiac G8 Sport Truck
  193. 2009 Maxima
  194. Lutz says GM considering 2.0-liter turbo for Camaro
  195. Not Another Spark Plug
  196. Toyota backs off Tundra, Sequoia output
  197. The Buzz in the Biz (VW/Hyundai/Chrysler)
  198. 2008 Dodge Journey and 2009 Dodge Ram at Industria, New York
  199. Can a Toyota Man Fix Chrysler?
  200. Ford stock hits lowest price since '85, GM hits its lowest since '06 today
  201. Chrysler's 2-week July shutdown to include salaried workers
  202. First Drive: 2009 Dodge Journey
  203. Victory for the working class!!!
  204. Top 20 vehicles for February-2008
  205. FEB. U.S. SALES-Toyota, GM, Ford, Chrysler all report Feb. declines
  206. Dealers brace for $4 gas
  207. Chrysler sees tough month, year for auto sales
  208. Chrysler exec defends performance, plans
  209. Truck inventories give GM hedge against strike-UAW walkout at American Axle continues
  210. Chrysler, Getrag resume construction on Indiana transmission plant
  211. Big 3 to deepen discounts
  212. Buyers stretch car loans
  213. Ethanol Worse For Environment Than Gas?
  214. Toronto Auto Show...
  215. 2008 Dodge Dakota test drive - 4.7 V8 has 302 HP
  216. Chrysler-Models that must abandon ship
  217. Calculated cuts are Chrysler's best hope
  218. Cerberus: Tiny gains OK-Letter to investors says cheap Chrysler deal will pay off
  219. Chicago Auto Show pics!
  220. Underwater concept car
  221. I'm back!
  222. Chrysler Nixes HEMI!
  223. Chrysler 300's flexible design a hit in urban markets
  224. Ford execs are vague on Mercury's future
  225. Will your car rat you out?
  226. Gm-$38.7 Billion Loss In 2007
  227. 2009 Dodge Journey is ideal crossover for minivan generation
  228. Turning Chrysler Into Toyota
  229. Chrysler In Talks To Sell.....JEEP?!?!?
  230. Dodge Durango Advice...
  231. Ford to focus on winning trust
  232. J.D. POWER ROUNDTABLE-Chrysler talks of trims
  233. Chrysler planning to make deep cuts in models
  234. Dealers top priority for automakers
  235. Muscle cars may meet demise
  236. Analysts see clouds for Chrysler
  237. Dodge challenge: Sell muscle car to young and old
  238. Chrysler cuts off Plastech
  239. Challenger goal: 30,000 a year
  240. The 2008-2009 Dodge Challenger cars (and the 2006 Challenger concept car)
  241. Challenger muscle car arrives just in time
  242. Chrysler will trim products, dealers
  243. New Challenger Photos
  244. Chrysler, Plastech reach agreement
  245. ACT 3: Nardelli follows script from Home Depot, GE
  246. Economy drives up car loan defaults
  247. Automakers say shine-free matte finishes are the latest trend
  248. Consumer Reports: CTS tops BMW, Mercedes rivals; Malibu 'excellent'
  249. Ford struggles amid weak January results
  250. Plastech bankruptcy could shut all of Chrysler