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General Discussion, other Mopar Vehicles

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  1. NAIAS Detroit show
  2. Chrysler to offer more standard features on 12 vehicles
  3. 2008 JANUARY AUTO SALES - Tough Month
  4. Ford recalls vehicles a second time
  5. Ford plans to pump up incentives
  6. Designer layoffs set at Chrysler-More buyouts on way, carmaker says
  7. Ford likens Taurus to Homer Simpson
  8. Isuzu to exit U.S. light-vehicle market
  9. Chrysler offers buyouts to hourly Detroit workers
  10. Lutz: U.S. won't embrace small cars at today's gas prices
  11. Ford: Despite $2.75 billion loss in 4th quarter, turnaround working
  12. We call it: Toyota topped GM in 2007
  13. Question about intake-Pontiac Bonneville
  14. 98 Eclipse gst (turbo)
  15. 2000 camry help if u can for grandpa
  16. Chrysler sets up new team for global mid-size vehicles
  17. Chrysler offering enhancements on 12 vehicles
  18. GM edges Toyota for global sales title
  19. Nissan truck needs some help
  20. It was nice wall it lasted....
  21. Chrysler shows improvement in its interiors
  22. Chrysler eyes crossovers
  23. Auto recalls up 30% in 2007
  24. Sales Top 1 Million but Some Owners Find Prius Doesn't Age Well
  25. Should you buy a used hybrid?
  26. GM looks to make further cost and job cuts
  27. Chinese platform set for Dodge Demon
  28. GM is willing to boost 2008 incentives
  29. Toyota to match Volt
  30. 2009 Dodge Ram
  31. Advice on a Chevrolet Impala.
  32. Car Perception Not Always Reality
  33. W.P. Chrysler Executive Series 300C Rodeo Drive Plus 6
  34. Report: Chrysler may get small Nissan car
  35. Hyundai Genesis
  36. General Motors Death Watch 159: Whats GMNext? Panic!
  37. Pacing helps Chrysler move '08s
  38. MINIVANS-Auto sales for 2007
  39. Chrysler: Sales outside North America up 15%
  40. UAW: Ford and Chrysler are in strong financial positions
  41. Codes 21 and 17 on my 1995 dodge caravan .. and it doesn't start
  42. Chrysler Takes Over #2 Spot in Canadian Market
  43. The auto industry year in review-'Bad medicine' for Detroit 3 in 2007
  44. DaimlerChrysler paid record fuel economy fine in '07
  45. GM cancels V-8 program for luxury cars
  46. 2007 And December Auto Sales
  47. my Intrepid's friend 56k get out of the dark ages
  48. GM recalls 313,000 cars-Driver could lose control if drivewheel jams
  49. Dodge Journey base price: $19,985
  50. Report: Chrysler in serious financial crunch
  51. Fuel rules set Big 3's future
  52. Minivans costly to fix after low-speed crash
  53. Energy bill's arrival in Prius peeves lawmakers
  54. Plymouth, Chrysler, and Dodge cars of 1986
  55. The Dodge Intrepid Police Cars
  56. The Dodge Caliber SRT4 (all you ever wanted to know)
  57. Report: Tata will buy Jaguar, Land Rover
  58. Auto sales outlook gloomier
  59. Mileage rules mean new era for Detroit 3-For cars of future, efficiency tops power
  60. Nissan, Chrysler explore product sharing
  61. Nissan - Chrylser Marriage
  62. Toyota recalls Tundra pickups again
  63. The value of communications-Chrysler's moves are signs of trouble
  64. Auto loan delinquencies take a huge jump
  65. Jeep Liberty: A rugged, refined classic
  66. Chrysler in 1992
  67. Challenger Invoice Price Info
  68. 2009 Dodge Ram
  69. Demand for Challenger could drive price through the roof
  70. Chrysler dealers speak up
  71. Lutz: GM to rethink product plans if 35 mpg CAFE passes
  72. VW plans to export station wagon to U.S.
  73. More Challenger Pics and info
  74. Chrysler - The message behind the message
  75. Some U.S. Jaguar dealers leery of Indian owner
  76. House passes 35 mpg CAFE standard
  77. Nissan calls CAFE carve-out fair, not special
  78. November Auto Sales
  79. Chrysler will lose $1 billion this year
  80. Fire at major U.S. oil pipeline kills 2, sends prices soaring
  81. Chrysler weighs deal to build cars in Russia
  82. Dodge prices Challenger SRT8 at $37,995
  83. Sienna's automatic doors come off the hinges after 3 years
  84. SUBPAR COMPACT: Upgrade potential galore doesn't save the Scion xD
  85. Chrysler could cut more jobs if needed, CEO says
  86. LOONIE PRICING: Market variables make the difference, but Canadians aren't buying it
  87. MN Hwy Patrol has a Intrepid?
  88. Crown Vic faces squad car rival-Sporty Dodge Charger aiming for throne
  89. For Chrysler, redoing brands just a start
  90. VWs 10-million-unit plan-New architectures underpin effort to catch Toyota
  91. Nissan recalls 650,000 cars
  92. Union chief blasts 'stupid' Chrysler strategy
  93. 2002 buick rendezvous FSM
  94. Dealers may be next to face Chrysler cuts
  95. Whistleblower says defects hidden at Toyota-GM Calif. plant
  96. Motor Trend's Car Of The Year
  97. First The Convertible And Now.....
  98. Ford needs a dose of reality, sales guru says
  99. new charger for '09????
  100. Toyota faces questions about quality, environment at L.A. show
  101. Help with a Chevy Pickup
  102. Slow crash, big bills: Many bumpers can't handle 3 mph collisions
  103. Wood grain or carbon fiber?
  104. Review: Dodge SRT4
  105. Trucks hold own even as gas rises
  106. S&P: Chrysler no longer on review for upgrade
  107. 71 Stingray Vette Revival
  108. Strongt's 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee
  109. King Fish
  110. Autoextremist and SEMA
  111. U.S. auto sales incentives down in October-report
  112. October Auto Sales
  113. Chrysler cuts four models, five shifts
  114. Chrysler begins cutting contract workers
  115. Way Forward doesn't include Crown Vic
  116. Chrylser will keep regular PT Cruiser, cut convertible
  117. Tundra concept sends loud message at SEMA
  118. Ford shows off Flex sport wagon; has big plans for Mustang
  119. GM launches two-mode hybrid transmissions
  120. Nardelli wants to offer employee stock options
  121. Thinking about down-sizing to a fuel-saver
  122. Ford labor talks on tap as Chrysler shadow looms
  123. Chrysler workers ratify labor pact
  124. Chrysler deal with Chery runs into delays
  125. 2008 Dakota Crew Cab: Midsize truck competitor boasts nifty extras
  126. Anyone with 1998-2001 (2nd generation) Nissan Altima experience?
  127. Mixed signals trip up Toyota
  128. GM-UAW Agreement-New deal, new layoffs for GM
  129. Want To Win A Caliber SRT4 ???
  130. Tundra Tranny Problems
  131. UAW-Chrysler pact vote 'too close to call'
  132. In Defense of: American Automakers
  133. Another Caliber SRT-4 Test
  134. Nissan, Renault leader Ghosn still interested in U.S. partner
  135. Domestic automakers want action on weak yen
  136. Today's Chrysler contract vote vital
  137. HSV Limited Edition ClubSport R8
  138. Another retarded move from Ford...
  139. Full Contact Braking
  140. GM labor deal: game-changer or profit-taking cue?
  141. 2008 Dodge Caliber SRT-4 test drive w/video
  142. Toyota: No long-term impact from magazine rebuff
  143. Chrysler may cut some models soon
  144. Is Toyota Heading Downward ???
  145. 2009 Nissan GT-R: Corvette and Viper Killer
  146. SHOCK! Booth babes that actually know something...
  147. Consumer reports not so high on Toyota anymore
  148. VE Wagon Export Nod...
  149. WTB Euro headlights for a 2000 dodge stratus
  150. Chrysler promises products to plants
  151. Private Chrysler board to meet - Good Read
  152. Nardelli: Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep brands are here to stay
  153. Chrysler, GM gain strength in sales
  154. Detroit's 3 finally on track, tough critic says
  155. Environmental groups hit Toyota on fuel economy
  156. Hyundai will close Alabama plant 7 more days-needs to cut Sonata stockpiles
  157. UAW Vote wasn't unanimous, signaling a tough sell to rank-and-file
  158. Mulally: Mercury is doing well'
  159. 2002 Lincoln LS- v8!!! anyone....
  160. Suck a nipple win a Chevy
  161. Interior Car show pictures (Big pics)
  162. should i get this grille or not?
  163. Bob Lutz confirms RWD compact car for Holden and the rest of the world
  164. Volkswagen stages the global premiere of its R-rated Touareg SUV
  165. FPVs super-SUV
  166. Chrysler workers walk off job, strike.
  167. Australians get 404 hp/398 lb-ft FPV Cobra
  168. Bought a BMW M6 (pics)
  169. BMW should revive Triumph
  170. Jim Press: Chrysler will open wallet for new vehicles
  171. Toyota moves Tundra prices downmarket
  172. UAW reveals GM plans to build small rwd cars
  173. SEPTEMBER AUTO SALES-Ford's U.S. sales drop 20.4%
  174. Details: Dodge Caliber SRT4
  175. Ford, Chrysler may see pitfalls in deal
  176. Ford may seek deeper cost cuts
  177. Proof that the new Pontiac G8 is crashworthy.
  178. LTrain01RT's 1999 Mercedes Benz C280 Sport
  179. My Trep Replacement (56K no way)
  180. Jeep Part # Catalog's
  181. Test Drive: 2005 Nissan Altima SE-R
  182. Chrysler's Press out to make things happen
  183. Historic Uaw Leader Speaks Out For Retirees And Workers
  184. Voices from the strike: 'Why would I accept a pay cut?'
  185. Strike could derail GMs sales, launches
  186. UAW on strike.
  187. Bose suspension, pretty impressive!
  188. Nascar Busch Series to use Camaro, Mustang, Challenger and a Toyota.
  189. Swapping Intrepid OEM parts onto the Civic ;)
  190. awesome fuel additive
  191. Buy Hondas? Mich. legislators slam tip by U.S. official to buy foreign
  192. Looking for a car to buy
  193. Anyone Catch This on TV the other Night?
  194. UAW, GM tangle on key issues
  195. Michelin tops J.D. Power tire survey
  196. Production rumours for Efijy...
  197. Chrysler, Honda call back 482K vehicles
  198. Chrysler puts rush on hybrid vehicles
  199. Warning - The contents of this post may cause multiple cargasms.
  200. New daily driver.
  201. New recall
  202. The 2008 Dodge Intrepid!!!!
  203. The "way forward" takes a nasty turn... Ford Reintroduces Model T
  204. Need new car advice (CANADA)
  205. Frankfurt Motor Show: Lamborghini Reventon revealed!
  206. Chrysler's hirings will benefit U.S. industry, add to rivalry, CEOs say
  207. Chrysler: Non-U.S. sales grew 26% in August
  208. New Chrysler minivans have enough fun video & features to keep everyone amused
  209. UAW head optimistic about organizing Toyota, Honda
  210. Nardelli: Chrysler needs 3 years to turn finances around, 10 years for product
  211. Frankfurt Preview: 335 HP Dodge Avenger-based STARTECH Starster
  212. Free civic woot lol
  213. well it finally died...
  214. Chrysler to keep brands, may cut vehicles
  215. Head of Toyota North America Joins Chrylser
  216. New Mazda6
  217. Gibbs to Toyota
  218. Turn your Jeep into a pickup
  219. August U.s. Sales
  220. Chevy El Camino? No? Pontiac Pickup then?
  221. 2008 Chevy Malibu comes in under a cool $20k
  222. 1989 Buick Skyhawk 2.0 (Cavailer) running rich
  223. Keyless entry pwned! Researchers say it takes less than an hour
  224. Mopar no more? Say it's not true...
  225. For the lovers of all things silver..
  226. The case for a reborn Chevy El Camino gathers steam as the US assess the VE Ute
  227. High-res pics of the 2009 Dodge Journey
  228. Workers' advice raises Ford quality
  229. Dodge crossover set for unveiling
  230. Activists protest Toyota conditions
  231. Lotus Oz presents worlds fastest Exige
  232. My Family Owns a Dodge Again!:-)
  233. The worlds most powerful FWD, from Toyota?!
  234. 2008 Honda Accord unveiled!
  235. 2 G.M. Brands, a Similar Car, but Very Different Results
  236. Mulally: Ford doesn't need global luxury brand
  237. Automakers blog to build loyalty, beat back criticism
  238. Chrysler willing to cut deeper
  239. The Dodge Caliber SRT4
  240. Hopes riding high on Chrysler's new minivan
  241. Car and Driver ranks safest new vehicles under $25,000
  242. Mulally: Lots of energy; loads to do-He's changing Ford -- but fast enough?
  243. Can you say.. "El Camino?"
  244. Mayday!!!
  245. CLK AMG 63 Black edition 1 of 1500
  246. OHC timing:northstar. odd?
  247. Commander sales news to new guy
  248. Chrysler takes a big hit on warranty work
  249. I checked out few New Chryslers
  250. most recalled cars, 2007 & 2006