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First Generation How-To's

  1. Can't find the flasher relay????
  2. Steering rack clamps and bushings
  3. Code PO403
  4. sound deading material
  5. help question
  6. Replacing the Rack & Pinion - 97 1st Gen Intrepid
  7. Spark Plug Tube Seal Replacement (Discussion)
  8. Front wheel bearing/hub replacement (Discussion)
  9. Head Gaskets (3.3L) (Discussion)
  10. Center Tail Light Mod (Discussion)
  11. Trailer Wiring Guide (Discussion)
  12. Run Power Wires (Other Wires) (Discussion)
  13. Remove Gauge Cluster (Discussion)
  14. Starter Motor Reconditioning (Discussion)
  15. Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement Guide (Discussion)
  16. LED Mod for Insturment Cluster (Discussion)
  17. Hand Constructed Cold Air Intake (Discussion)
  18. Fog Light Reflector Removal (Discussion)
  19. Replacing Water Pump on a (3.3L) (Discussion)
  20. Remove the IP Cover (Discussion)
  21. Box Control Arms (Discussion)
  22. Vision/Cord Headliner in an Intrepid (Discussion)
  23. Fuel Pump Removal/Replacement (Discussion)
  24. Auto Headlights (Discussion)
  25. Remove the Transmission (Discussion)
  26. Change Odometer (Discussion)
  27. Fix Multi Function Switch (Discussion)
  28. Fake Flashing Factory Alarm LED (Discussion)
  29. Seafoam an Intrepid (3.5L) (Discussion)
  30. Four Wheel Disk Conversion (Discussion)
  31. Rewiring Your Taillights! (Discussion)
  32. Engine Information Sensors/Relays/Circuits - Wiring Guide (discussion)
  33. Install an auxilliary transmission oil cooler (discussion)
  34. 300M Rear Window Antenna in a 1st gen (discussion)
  35. 1st Gen foglight relay rewire (discussion)
  36. Removing the Front Bumper (discussion)
  37. 93-97 Intrepid, Vision Part #'s and Prices (discussion)
  38. Using Relays to Protect Foglights From Burning the Switch (discussion)
  39. Auto dim mirror (discussion)
  40. Wiring Guide for 1994-1997 Intrepid (discussion)
  41. Wiring Guide for 1993 Intrepid (discussion)
  42. Neon Pedals Install (discussion)
  43. How to program remotes for factory keyless entry (discussion)
  44. Install factory ATC, Alarm, Keyless entry, Auto dim mirror & OTIS-part 1 (discussion)
  45. Colored Gauge Needles (discussion)
  46. How to test a coil pack (discussion)
  47. Parking light flash with RKE (discussion)
  48. Priming the oil system before startup (discussion)
  49. Intrepid Gauges in a LHS (discussion)
  50. Install factory ATC, Alarm, Keyless entry, Auto dim mirror and OTIS - part 2 (discussion)
  51. How to remove broken/damaged/perfectly fine headlight housings. (discussion)
  52. Removal and installation of the BCM (discussion)
  53. Rack Bushings (Discussion)
  54. Checking Fault Codes (discussion)
  55. Fogs without headlights (discussion)
  56. factory ATC automatic climate control (discussion)
  57. Headlights fogged over? - restore them! (discussion)
  58. OBD 2 and Your Next State Inspection (discussion)
  59. Foglight Rewire writeup with pic's (discussion)
  60. Manual A/C Control Self Diagnostic (discussion)
  61. Rear deck removal (discussion)
  62. 3.3 Intake (discussion)
  63. Installing/Upgrading an Alternator (discussion)
  64. Lighted Visors (discussion)
  65. Reset your factory alarm (discussion)
  66. Factory alarm install (discussion)
  67. Install a 1998-2004 intrepid transmission into your 1993-1997 intrepid (Discussion)
  68. Inner tie rod bushing replacement (discussion)
  69. Changing Oxygen Sensors (discussion)
  70. How-To Install Prowler/SE/Special Chainset in your first gen tranny. (discussion)
  71. How-To convert your first gen to Autostick (discussion)
  72. factory Remote Keyless Entry (discussion)
  73. Adjustible hyper-blinker How-To (discussion)
  74. Infinity Sound System (discussion)
  75. Air conditioning R-134a Recharge (discussion)
  76. How to clean your Idle Air Control valve, and what it does. (discussion)
  77. How to make your reverse light a brake (discussion)
  78. OTIS Install (Discussion)
  79. Rear post cover removal (discussion)
  80. Blue insturment cluster mod w/o LEDs howto (discussion)
  81. ATC Diagnostic Code Retrieval (discussion)
  82. Custom Tail Lights (discussion)
  83. K&N Air Filter / Removal of Air Restrictor (discussion)
  84. Make Your Own Altezza's (discussion)