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  1. General Discussion (Second Generation)
    1999 The pain is peeling and the roof's paint is down to the silver. No other rush. Know I need to act now otherwise I will need to toss the car due to roof rush. Went to Maaco and they want $1,500 which includes fixing two small, very small dents in the rear bumper. The car runs but who...
  2. Chrysler Concorde, LHS, and Eagle Vision
    I have had this issue for a while. It will start, drive, shut off and not restart till when the hell it wants to. decent replaced pcm and starter. Battery and cables appear fine. It cranks just fine currently stuck on highway because it died and wont start. 99 concorde lx. 2.7 50,000 on motor...
  3. General Discussion (Second Generation)
    On my 99 2.7L Trep, how do I tell (e.g. by looking under the hood) if I have ABS and where is the CAB module if I do? I think I do because some module was bringing down my PCI bus so I disconnected the connectors at the back of my BCM and scoped every purple wire with a yellow tracer in those...
1-3 of 3 Results