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  1. General How-To's
    Unplug the alarm from the 3 wiring connectors. Remove the yellow wires from the third connector, splice. Your car will now start, but you have no alarm.
  2. General Discussion (Second Generation)
    hey guys im trying to install an alarm with remote start in a 99 dodge intrepid 2.7 but i need the diagram for the wires in the car and also the one for the alarm the alarm is a VIPER 791 XV TWO WAY ALARM WITH KEYLESS ENTRY AND REMOTE START WITH LCD PAGER any help would be appreciated it
  3. General Discussion (First Generation)
    I'm getting an alarm with remote starter into the trep. I have a professinal alarm installer working into it, but he (in my opinion) seems to be unable to find the correct wire to get a Tach reading ( the wire he says must be the correct one, gets a steady 12V one the engine is running). This...
  4. General Discussion (First Generation)
    i need help with the parking lights wire i know where it is down by the driver kick panel.. i just cant identify which one it is.. it is black with a thin yellow line or is it yellow with a thin black line going down it.. i need to know asap plz thank you!!
  5. General Discussion
    Hey everyone. I have a remote starter for my car that says in roman numerals I and II. I also have a remote for the locks on the doors and to pop the trunk. Now say I were to press the unlock button on the remote, or even open the doors if the doors are already unlocked, My lights on the dash...
  6. General Discussion (Second Generation)
    I have a 2000 ES. I installed an aftermarket head unit, amp, sub, and speakers a few years ago. Here's the problem: The past 6 months, my factory alarm will go off randomly. Most of the time it's in the middle of the night, and usually does it randomly a few days in a row, then won't do it...
  7. General Discussion (Second Generation)
    So I wanna install one of those fancy alarms + remote start with the LCD remote and all on my intrepid. My ride already has the factory alarm and all. my question is how will that be affected by my installation? Also do I need anything to get the remote start to work?
  8. General Discussion (Second Generation)
    I was wondering what I need to put a factory alarm in my 98 intrepid. I have the EVIC, sun sensor, what else is there
  9. General Discussion (Second Generation)
    Hey everyone, I know there are more than enough threads about alarms, but since I'm doing more than just an alarm install, I thought I'd ask for opinions. So as few of you know, some jerk-off tried to break into my intrepid, maybe in hopes of stealing my CD's (which weren't visible), or my XM...
  10. General Discussion (First Generation)
    hey guys, wondering if i have a factory alarm on my car, i have the light on the dash board, and i just programmed a remote soo now i have working keyless entry, but when i lock the doors,the light doesnt flash at all, is it possible that the factory alarm has been disabled, if so , how do i...
  11. General Discussion (Second Generation)
    It seems that I cant find any space under the hood to instal the siren for my alarm system. Has anyone tried installiong it in the trunk? Is it possible?
  12. General Discussion (Second Generation)
    is viper alarm good and can a thief bypass it?
  13. General Discussion (Second Generation)
    what is the best alarm i can get for my car? price doesnt matter... and does anyone here has ravelco or know if it really works? i need a good alarm that cannot be shut off by some hacking materials and how do i good a hood lock?
  14. General Discussion
    Im looking at upgrading my alarm/remote start in my Trep in the coming weeks. What does everyone have, and positives/negatives? I want to get something with remote start, alarm, trunk pop, and lock/unlock, at the very least. Security is a high concern, so a good alarm with starter engine...
  15. General Discussion
    Such as breaking a window? What makes the stock alarm system go off? The only times I have ever had mine go off is if I locked the car with the remote but unlocked the door from the inside and opened it.
  16. General Discussion (First Generation)
    The trep was broken into by vandals and so in response to that i'm planning on using my tax return to fix their mess (i.e.: shaving the door handles because they peeled back the sheet metal from the locks) and installing a car alarm. How difficult is a car alarm install? I have a strong...
  17. First Generation How-To's
    I decided that I needed to do a little more than simply locking my car doors at night. So besides always taking the head unit face plate inside the house or installing an alarm system, I decided that a fake flashing alarm LED would be a perfect solution. This mod will turn a good or broken...
  18. General Discussion (Second Generation)
    just bought a 2004 trep 2.7 and at every start i hear a click on/click off noise coming from the inside fuse box for about 30 seconds before it goes away. during the clicking, the outside main lights blink off/on too but i'm not sure what this may be. i tried flipping blinker, dimmer, and light...
  19. General Discussion
    I'm wondering do anyone have any sites that sells alarm systems with the remote start. Thanks in advance.
  20. General Discussion (Second Generation)
    I have an Audivox alarm system on my 2000 Intrepid ES. There is a second green button on the key fob that says it can be used to trigger a relay for the trunk release. Anyone know exactly how to wire it? Here is what the install manual for the alarm says: Dark Blue Wire : DELAYED 300 mA PULSED...
1-20 of 42 Results