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  1. Second Generation Service Information
    So as you may know by now, I have an 04 Intrepid SE. I want to get an aux input installed but I’m not sure how to go about it. Ik some people have made standard radios with an aux Jack on the face plate but since I already purchased another radio for it, I’d like to just modify it or plug in...
  2. General Discussion
    She only had 62,000 miles with tons of problems. I sold her to a dealership and got pennies back for my 02 ES. tonight @ 9pm est, I will be selling some audio stuff that was in my car plus some extra things like my retro fog lights minus the housing. Thanks to every member on this site that made...
  3. Car Audio and Video
    Hey guys, first post here...seems to be a very informative site. I just got my dads 2000 2.7 base model Intrepid. Before he gave it to me a new alternator was put in, 120 amp stock. The stereo system I have just purchased consists of the following: -Pioneer Head Unit -Alpine type-r 6.5s in...
1-3 of 3 Results