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  1. General Discussion (First Generation)
    Can someone please post some good pictures of their Intrepid Autostick?
  2. General Discussion (First Generation)
    Is it just me or i can't find the how-to autostick conversion topic ???
  3. Buy / Sell / Trade
    I have an autostick cluster out of a 97 intrepid. It has about 125xxx miles on it and worked great when removed. Selling for $40 shipped. [email protected]
  4. Performance / Modifications (Second Generation)
    OK does anyone know where the wires go on the autostick? I know the two that go to the TCM and other two i have no clue I think ones a ground.... Please help.:banghead:
  5. Junk Yard Area
    I was at the yard today and they had an autostick setup for a 2nd gen. The car was nearly complete but kind of dirty. The bezel looked like it would be fine once it was cleaned and the gauges were in perfect condition. They also had the auto dim mirror, the dash part that goes around the cluster...
  6. General Discussion (Second Generation)
    Ok guys, I am looking at an auto stick shifter from a 300 m. I got one question though. I have never used one of these so when you push the shifter to the left or right, does it stay stuck there or return to the center? oh and one more thing So I know I need the cluster, bezel and shifter. I...
  7. General Discussion (First Generation)
    was looking around, and seen that some have converted there cars to autostick. how hard is this to do, and how much. would there be any notice in power, with a 3.3? and can you redline shift? just curious. i just like to f!#k with people in there imports with ma trep:biggrin:
  8. Buy / Sell / Trade
    Complete Autostick system from a 1996 Eagle Vision TSi. $150obo shipped.
  9. Performance / Modifications (First Generation)
    This mod was done about 2 years ago by me and most recently improved on by TCPMeta when he got the same idea. it is a simple mod with very nice results i honestly think it shifts beter than the stock shifter and if you look at the way TCPMeta did his it looks better to. enjoy.
  10. Performance / Modifications (First Generation)
    i read in a thread that some 96's have em and some dont.. where did you find the autostick wires\plug.. i have my center console riped out i see these wires that cross over each other 2 thick black wires taped up sorta but cant find a plug do i not have it?? hope someone can help!! asap 96...
  11. Buy / Sell / Trade
    [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] shifter conversion set-up from a 2000, which includes the shifter mechanism, the autostick switch, the Autostick functional harness, the inter-lock cable, autostick cluster w/ chrome overlay,and more, (Shifter cable is sold!)!.also if burlwood bezel is wanted, I have the...
  12. Performance / Modifications (Second Generation)
    Just wondering what I did wrong here???
  13. Buy / Sell / Trade
    I need an autostick bezel with the leather boot, color doesnt matter, the newer the better. Let me know if anyone has one. Thanks.
  14. Buy / Sell / Trade
    Someone correct me if i'm wrong, but the shifter mechanism I have only works for years 98-00. The bezel and cluster will work for all 2nd gen years though. SO, if you have a 98-00 and have been wanting to do autostick, here is your chance to get the parts! Includes (listed): A/S bezel with...
  15. Junk Yard Area
    I have access to (at the moment anyway, they might be gone tomorrow, who knows) 2 fist gen. Autostick "kits". By kits, I mean they will include 1 one each of the following: TCM Gauge cluster. Shifter and knob. Bezel minus lighter and courtesy light. All parts will be pulled from the same car and...
  16. Performance / Modifications (Second Generation)
    Kay, I did do a search on the site to no avail, so can anyone list off all of the parts I will need to install auto stick? I'm planning on matching it to my 2.7 (I know, I know) and I'm not sure what all I need to grab out at the yard. And if possible a step by step on how to install it would be...
  17. Performance / Modifications (First Generation)
    hey guys I went to another scrap yard and the guy wants $200 for the OTIS, A/S SHIFTER, A/S CLUSTER AND think that's a good deal?
  18. Buy / Sell / Trade
    Howdy everyone, I just recently added autostick to my Intrepid and was wondering if anyone happen to have and Autostick shifter bezel for sale. Im looking for the bezel with the leather boot (Not scales) Thanks alot in advance! Chris
  19. Performance / Modifications (First Generation)
    so I went to my little scrap yard I always goto, and took a look around for a spoiler for my trep and found a nice 97 trep ES(same exact color as my trep) with the whole kit N' kaboodle! spoiler, short otis, and! ...AUTOSTICK! wanted to buy it all that day but kinda short on cash right now, the...
  20. General Discussion (Second Generation)
    I will do it tomorrow, but I am still not 100% sure the best way to get the use of it.. could someone help me on this, I did read up about it but would like to hear your guys thoughts as well! Btw it's a 2001 red Intrepid ES with 2.7L HO(yeah i know [email protected] HO, but 2 extra HP and 3TQ is just...
1-20 of 39 Results