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  1. General Discussion
    I wanna preface this thread with a huge thanks to Ralph, aka Mickey88. Without his work to get this street closed and him bringing all of his equipment, this would not have been possible. For the last few years at Carlisle he has been our photographer, and he definitely deserves a big thanks...
  2. Performance / Modifications (Second Generation)
    I must start off saying a great big, huge thanks to TFC. This is the biggest " Mod Day " I've ever done, and it wouldn't have been possible without Ross. I only had one project planned, but as anyone who's ever been to Ross's knows, it's not possiblke to stop at one. He also had a very nice...
  3. Buy / Sell / Trade
    this is some of the stuff i am bringing to carlisle, people will be able to see it in person, which is why i am posting pictures. wood/leather wheel $100 leather shifter knob $10 autostick shifter $15 complete tailights ( all 3) $75 K&N drop in (needs to be cleaned, i will try to clean...
  4. General Discussion
    I was sitting here just thinking that I had not done anything to the car since Carlise '07 :crying: so, I started a list and to my surprise I have 20 mods that I have done in an effort to upgrade the car. What other numbers are out there?
  5. General Discussion (First Generation)
    Most of you guys have seen pics of my car so I wanted your opinion. I was thinking of doin Carlisle this year and wanted to know, and I want honest opinions, if my car is worthy. We all have seen that the exterior is not pretty at all but with the new exhaust I wanted to show that off. So, what...
1-5 of 29 Results