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  1. General Discussion (Second Generation)
    My 1999 Intrepid, 3.5 L with 147K miles just started to vibrate!! The vibration is not RPM or speed connected. The vibration appears to be engine compartment located. It is severe enough to actually shake the rear view mirror. Problem is intermittant. When it happens it sure gets my...
  2. General Discussion (First Generation)
    I've found this for you guys and gals here who drive the first model. I guess this one looks like a Saturn but it's the 1989 Dodge Intrepid Concept.
  3. General Discussion
    Anybody have some ideas on how to do this?took the old one off but the new one is all one piece pic attached
  4. General Discussion
    Okay, My 2000 Intrepid ES has one of those pesky Infinity speaker systems and I've read about how much of a problem the dash speaker is. My wife blew out the left door speaker and the dash speaker playing the new Bon Jovi CD (she didn't tell me about it until I had to drive the car down to...
  5. General Discussion (Second Generation)
  6. General Discussion (Second Generation)
    I have a police 2002 intrepid vin V. I have the code P0138; Left bank pre-cat 02sensor shortage. The mechanic wants almost 200 just for the sensor... I found these. Will any of them work?
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  13. Buy / Sell / Trade
    I have a used K&N drop in from my 97 3.5 intrepid. I dont know if the 3.3 uses the same filter, it might. It seems to be in good condition. $20 shipped. [email protected]
  14. Performance / Modifications (Second Generation)
    I have researched and found the following calibration numbers: 2003-2004 LH 2.7L Euro UNLTD 149MPH...04896512AC 2003-2004 LH 2.7L GCC LTD...04896514AC 2003-2004 LH 2.7L GCC UNLTD...04896513AC 2003-2004 LH 2.7L NLEV W/O MTV...04896511AC now I know these are the latest calibrations for my car...
  15. General Discussion (Second Generation)
    I want to get a set of these for my Intrepid. I am leaning towards the in-channel ones vs. the stick on ones. Anybody have any pros/cons of either style? Brian
  16. General Discussion (Second Generation)
    My 02 Intrepid 3.5L was running great. I changed the oil. Now it is overheating. I can control the temp through the use of the defrost. The air entering the cabin is HOT, so I think that means the t-stat is working OK. I have two forced cooling fans on the radiator, I think one of them has...
  17. Performance / Modifications
    Not even a fight!! WTF was Chrysler thinking?? I had this discussion with Ross over dinner Saturday night, and I am still baffled!! The 02 calibration is what the Special should have had all 3 model years. I simply do not understand the lack of thought that Chrysler had/has on some of these...
  18. General Discussion (Second Generation)
    Hello Everyone! I recently purchased this vehicle. I'm in the process of fixing the A/C. I've replaced the Accumulator and the expansion valve, and it now holds a charge. Compressor cycles on and off, so I know the system is working. The problem is that it's blowing hot air. I've checked the...
  19. General Discussion (First Generation)
    What is the best way to check for a good spark from a plug wire? I replaced the injector on Cylinder #1 because when I pulled the electrical connector off it did not affect the idling of the engine at all. Well it still does that with the new injector and when I pulled the spark plug to check...
  20. General Discussion (Second Generation)
    i went to use my heater yesterday morning cuz it was a little chilly. my temp gauge was in the warm range, but when i turned the heater on it just blew cold air and i got to thinking i had only been driving for a few minutes and i didnt let my car warm up at all and the gauge was half way...
1-20 of 51 Results