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  1. New Members Forum
    Hi, I'm a new member here, although I've been reading forums on here since I got my car 3 years ago. And really appreciate the helpful info you share. My headlights are blur, and looking to buy a set of black headlights, what are your suggestions? Should I restore my originals? Or the spyder...
  2. Chrysler Concorde, LHS, and Eagle Vision
    Need to replace headlight bulbs - one is blown. Attempted to do this yesterday but quickly ran out of time - I didn't realize it would be a bit more tedious than just removing the two long screws that hold each light in. How much of the front bumper cover do I need to detach from the car to...
  3. Performance / Modifications (Second Generation)
    I may consider replacing my stock headlight assemblies. What choices do I have if I'm looking for some aftermarket headlight assemblies?
  4. Show off your Intrepid (Second Generation)
    i love them, got them for like $45 on ebay =] pics are a little blurry, but you get the idea from the pics 8000k color :banana:
  5. General Discussion (First Generation)
    I have a '94 Intrepid and need new headlight assemblies..obviously..haha. I've been reading that there is a slight difference between 93-94 and 95-97 asssemblies, will the newer assemblies bolt in just fine? thanks
  6. General Discussion (Second Generation)
    can anyone give me instructions on how to change this? Greatly appreciated..... :) Carolann
  7. Buy / Sell / Trade
    I've got a '98 that is in dire need of some nice, clear headlight lenses. I've tried the lens restoration kits before, and they just don't work as well as I'd like. If you've got some to sell, or know of a good source, shoot me a PM. Thanks!
  8. Dodge Magnum + Parts
    Headlight Eyelids for Dodge Magnum 00 up 59.99 View Auction
  9. General Discussion
    today i replaced the headlight bulb from my trep but i forget to see the little level that they got on each headlight my question is how the little bubble in the level gotta be , in the middle...on the upside .... or on the down side??? any help please
  10. Buy / Sell / Trade
    willing to pay $60 for all....
  11. General Discussion (First Generation)
    hey all, I have an odd problem now. My blinkers function fine during the day, but at night when the headlights are turned on the left blinker light stays on. The right blinker works properly. I checked the multi function switch and the headlight switch. I even replaced the headlight switch...
  12. General Discussion (First Generation)
    Ive replaced all my bulbs with sylvania silverstars and i still cant tell theyre even on when it rains, and it hardly helps at night. What can I do to help this? I've also noticed that my headlight lenses look really scratched up when theyre on ive used mcguires plastix and it cleans them up...
  13. Buy / Sell / Trade
    Im looking to buy an passenger side headlight housing for my 1999 LHS. Anybody know somebody parting out a LHS or late model concorde?
  14. Buy / Sell / Trade
    I'm looking for a Headlight switch (auto) with fogs for my 01 ES.......... Anyone know where to get one or has one plz post or pm a price with shipping to SC, 29662 Thanks and i have paypal.. Ron
  15. General Discussion (Second Generation)
    Can anyone help me find the black diamond headlights that I see a few of you own? If I could get a link that'll be great, thanks!!
  16. General Discussion (Second Generation)
    I'm thinking of changing out my headlight assembly because one is cloudy and the other has sustained a crack in the lens, so with the safety inspection coming up next month, I doubt it will pass inspection. I'm looking into these JDM headlights assembly, and I was wondering if anyone out there...
  17. Buy / Sell / Trade
    hey all. i am looking for headlight houseings for both sides of a 1st gen. the idiot previous owner over torqued the mounting screws and the mounting points broke when i went to replace the bulbs. give me a price, so long as it's less than $85 per.
  18. General Discussion (First Generation)
    Hi all... my '96 ES now has an issue with the headlights not working... Parking lights come on, Brights come on, but no fogs and no low beams. I have replaced Multifunction switch and headlight switch (no auto lights), and I have also confirmed that both high/low fuses on both right and left...
  19. General Discussion (First Generation)
    ok i have checked the fuse for the fog lights and its ok and everyting but how do i get the headlight switch out and how do i know if it is a faulty switch or not.
  20. General Discussion (Second Generation)
    anybody know how to change out the headlight bulbs with newer blue tinted halogen lights? i looked at the backside of the headlight casing but it looks very confusing. some help would be appreciated.
1-20 of 147 Results