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  1. Dodge Magnum + Parts
    2005 2006 DODGE MAGNUM CHARGER 3 5 3 5L AIR INTAKE 24.99 View Auction
  2. Dodge Magnum + Parts
    05 06 DODGE CHARGER MAGNUM 5 7 6 1 V8 AIR INTAKE 38.99 View Auction
  3. Dodge Magnum + Parts
    05 06 07 08 Dodge CHARGER MAGNUM 5 7 6 1 BIG AIR INTAKE 48.99 View Auction
  4. General Discussion (First Generation)
    i need to replace the gasket but when i get all the bolts out and pull it will not budge, so what do i do? the only reason i'm asking is because the shop told me thats what's causing my horrible gas mileage
  5. Dodge Magnum + Parts
    Airaid air intake 05 07 Dodge Magnum 5 7L 6 1L 350 199 289.95 View Auction
  6. General Discussion (First Generation)
    Read all of the posts regarding intake upper and lower gaskets. I decided to take on the challenge of replacing the gaskets (1993 Concorde, 3.3 L). After removing the plenium I found two of the bolts that hold down the intake manifold had snapped on their own. How do I remove the broken pieces...
  7. Performance / Modifications (First Generation)
    Its been about four years since I put the civic intake on my car and I never got around to running it down the fender or even making a heat shield. Since I was way too bored tonight I grabbed some old parts that were lying around and created this... I need to clean up the vac lines and create a...
  8. Performance / Modifications (First Generation)
    Ok guys i broke down and decided to make a true cold air intake today. I figured since not many people do the true cold air intake, and there are how to's on how to do it i figured i'd post my way of doing it. It was alot like phuckin' phil's way but a bit different. I think phil had a OBD I...
  9. Buy / Sell / Trade
    I need an upper intake manifold plenum for a 99 intrepid 3.2, please email [email protected] with info. I'm in colorado. Thanks.
1-9 of 9 Results