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  1. Engine sounds after oil change

    General Discussion (Second Generation)
    Okay yall, I need some help. I bought a 2000 intrepid (3.2 120,xxx miles looks rough but ran good) it had been sitting for a minute before I got it. After a few days of getting it and getting it road ready and some exhaust & brake work done, I decided to give it an oil change. I know i did...
  2. I am very scared with this noise. please help diagnose.

    General Discussion (Second Generation)
    Hello everyone, I come to you tonight in seek of some knolege and advise, and any would help at this moment. Today when I went to my car this morning it started fine, so I drove it for about 33 minutes to run some errands. Well the second time I went to start it.. it just didnt start, it...