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  1. Second Generation Service Information
    My 2001 Intrepid de 2.7L V6 is throwing a check engine light for the PCM (Powertrain Control Module) code P0601. Because of the light I failed the state inspection. Would anyone know a fix? Or do I have to get a new/used PCM?
  2. General Discussion (Second Generation)
    Hi everyone: I have a 99 2.7L While working on my trep my PCI bus network quit working (no DTCs upon keydance, just returns to odometer reading). As Chrysler in all their wisdom didn't appear to put any PCI network testpoints in I cut the wire between the BCM and PCM to try and figure out...
  3. General Discussion (First Generation)
    I'm getting an alarm with remote starter into the trep. I have a professinal alarm installer working into it, but he (in my opinion) seems to be unable to find the correct wire to get a Tach reading ( the wire he says must be the correct one, gets a steady 12V one the engine is running). This...
1-3 of 3 Results