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  1. General Discussion
    I have a ‘96 Intrepid and the bushings on the strut rods (sometimes called the control arm tension supports) are shot. I’m having a hard time getting the nuts off. I will still get a bigger torch on them and may just cut them off with a Dremel. Any advice on that is appreciated but that’s not my...
  2. General Discussion (First Generation)
    I wish I came up with this solution many years ago when the forum was more active but anyway. For many years and with my two Intrepid's I had this problem were the automatic headlights turn on even if the sun is hitting directly on the sensor, some other folks here had repaired his sensors...
  3. General Discussion (Second Generation)
    I'm going to do my best as a curious, albeit clueless, intrepid owner to describe the problem seeing as I'm nervous about driving my vehicle to the mechanic if it's too serious. However I found another thread 2002 Intrepid 3.5 Sudden Transmission Failure.. Please... and it seems very familiar to...
1-3 of 3 Results