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speaker problems

  1. A Dash Speaker Question

    General Discussion
    Okay, My 2000 Intrepid ES has one of those pesky Infinity speaker systems and I've read about how much of a problem the dash speaker is. My wife blew out the left door speaker and the dash speaker playing the new Bon Jovi CD (she didn't tell me about it until I had to drive the car down to...
  2. Speakers crackling on 2001 Intrepid ES--HELP!!

    General Discussion (Second Generation)
    :smilie_scI was tapping on my battery cables when my car wouldn't start, and when I got the car to turnover I turned on my stereo and three of my six speakers started crackling. It turns out I had the original battery!!!! on my 2001 Intrepid ES. I replaced the battery but the problem still...