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  1. Performance / Modifications (Second Generation)
    I was informed recently that the 05-08 charger wheels have exactly the same bolt pattern as the Intrepid wheel hub. I was told there is a thread centered around it but after a long time searching for it, I haven't been able to. I would sincerely appreciate it if someone who is can link it for me...
  2. Buy / Sell / Trade
    I have two sets of 16" alloys from first-gen Concordes. Snowflake/weave style. Center caps included. I think the bolt pattern is 5x114.3mm / 5x4.5" One set is very nice, but dusty/cobwebs. Second set has some oxidation going on. Asking $100 and $75 for the sets, OBO, plus shipping from Columbus...
  3. General Discussion (Second Generation)
    does someone know if rims from a magnum 2006 fit a intrepid 2002?
1-3 of 3 Results