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Well......since my old sig thread had my old screenname on it, I decided to go ahead and post a brand new one. A lot has happened to this car since I regularly posted here.......just thought I'd show the progress made.

This the car back in March.

his was my Trep back when I first bought it. It was also before I became afflicted with the Mod bug.

You know what sucks is that a lot of my older pics were lost due to the server change at the old site. Oh well…..

Here’s some pics I took back in May.

And here’s what I took today!

Here’s my little itty bitty amp

Yes this is actually a 2 sub box, but I figure I’d take a picture of the only working one. May be upgraded to a 12 in the future.

Found a nice little spot next to the James River! For those who do not know, yes those are painted ES rims. I had tarnished them originally in a cleaning accident (the god of Duds must not have been shining down on me), so trust me they look way better now than they used to.

The not so clean, but could be a lot worse engine bay.

Recently cleaned the lights with the clearview application bought at Wal-Mart. Makes a HUGE difference. Here are the results. Wish I had taken the previous pictures, but you can just take my word for it. :D

Now for the LED collection!

My lighted tailbar, and spiderlite brake lights. Supposed to be 10 on each side of the bar…but the damn right sides are acting up. It’s all good, gonna redo it again anyways with red LEDs this time instead of white. The white ones make it borderline amber instead of red.

The interior lights.

These are the reverse lights. If you can’t see THIS backing up, then you are truly blind my friend.

One of the turn signal LEDs. The other one is just the same, and I’m too damn lazy to post it.

And last but not least…..lighted 300m gauges. One of my favorite mods, these are the first gauges I had ever seen in person with electroluminescent (however you spell that damn word) lighting, and now it’s in my car! I hardly miss the old gauges.

Ahhhh.....a couple of more mods. Question. What do you do when you want to make sure that the cops stop bitching about your license plate light?


That should shut em up for a while now. Unless they pull me for it being too bright...and why do I have the feeling that's EXACTLY what's going to happen....

And on to the 2nd mod of the day!


Black Diamonds installed!

And just for shits and giggles....daytime EVIC pic.

Bye bye bar code!

Changed the turn signal bulbs to blue. Gives the arrows a kinda turquoise color.

This was the JoeKD inspired I posted earlier that came out so crappy. Gonna clean the engine bay out probably this weekend to make it look better!

And just for shits and giggles.....some glamour shots.

My latest mod!

Rob (Avenger) hooked me up at Carlisle with a blue lighted keyring! I thought it was going to be a pain in the ass, but actually turned out relatively simple. You know if I can do a mod, pretty much anyone else can. I just want to thank Rob of course, Candyman for his excellent how-to, and Intrep_Ed for creating this mod! It looks so neat!

Thanks for viewing!

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Very nice trep Reggie! I'm thinking about painting my 3rd taillight bar similar to what you have done, but I wouldn't have LEDs in there, just leave an opening for the brake light to shine through. I already have the paint now I just need to find motivation.

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Cool looking trep man!

01ReggiES said:
I just want to thank Rob of course, Candyman for his excellent how-to, and Intrep_Ed for creating this mod!
Thanks for the props! I didn't create this mod though, I just discovered it.
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