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My first post here will be the text info and the second will be the pictures.

I bought the 'bookamobile' in May 2004 to transport my most precious cargo-my family. I had a baby due in 3 months and I needed a bigger, safer car. She almost was a Dodge minivan, but I didn't like the 3.3L in the SWB and couldn't afford the LWB with the 3.8L. Thank God, cause there isn't a, and if there was, I am sure it would be quite different than this site. I don't get to see her much as she transports the family during the day, and the wife to work at night. The only free time I really get to work on her are the days my wife and I have off together. That is normally Sunday, the days I take vacation, and meets.

Stock info/specs
  • 2004 Dodge Intrepid ES with SXT Quick Order Pkg 26G
  • Inferno Red Tinted Pearl Coat
  • Taupe Cloth Interior
  • Inferno Red Tinted Pearl Coat
  • 3.5L High Output V6 24v MPI
  • Moonroof
Service/Maintenance/Repairs Done

Warranty Claims(Mileage-Item Replaced)
  • 7202 Fog lights
  • 15202 power steering pump
  • 15817 Thrust angle alignment
  • 20030 spoiler
  • 22377 camshaft sensor
  • 23197 Leakpump canister assy
  • 27699 Dash pad
  • 32259 idler pulleys
  • 66165 Driver side catalytic converter
  • 66386 Exhaust valve springs
  • 68178 Driver side catalytic converter(They should have changed the passenger cat)
  • 68376 Passenger side catalytic converter
Maintenance(Mileage-Work Done)
  • 53779 4 wheel alignment - laser
  • 53900 Goodyear Eagle ResponsEdge tires
  • 57220 Transmission service
  • 57280 PCV valve replacement
  • 57280 Differential service
  • 60871 Multi-rib and V-belt belt replacement
Modifications or Additions
  • 150 MPH Police Indiglo cluster
  • 300M Special rear sway bar
  • RBQ 6-disc CD Radio
  • 6 disc cubby changer
  • Steering Wheel radio controls&clockspring
  • Infinity sail pod speakers
  • auto dimming mirror
  • auto headlights/sunsensor
  • EVIC with homelink,IMPG
  • Fumoto engine oil drain valve
  • PIAA super sporza wipers
  • Silverstars in foglights
  • Silverstars in Lowbeams
  • Trunk lid liner
  • Police trunk floor liner
  • 3.5 Magnum badge
  • Dodge antenna ball :)
Future Plans
  • Custom air intake
  • Custom door handles
  • custom gauge pod
  • Switchable Exterior speakers
  • Relocated oil filter
  • U-connect bluetooth(dealer version)
  • Sound deaden interior
  • 18" chrome rims(If I can find some that look better than my stock Momentums)
  • Auto start
  • Custom hvac knobs
  • Custom trunk lid liner
  • Customize taillights and reflector bar
  • Oil accumulator
  • Repaint hood and front bumper cover
  • solo brake bleeder valves
  • Subwoofers
  • Upgraded brake discs/calipers
  • 3.89 SE gears
  • 50 to 75 shot nitrous
  • Phantom Grip LSD
  • Trunk Lid motorization
  • turbo @5 to 8psi would be nice

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Pictures of the Bookamobile

I changed the layout a bit to make the thread more readable. Just click on the thumbnails to launch the full-size version. You can find these photos and more at my photobucket page.

I'll start off with some of the typical photos

First time to work with her

I've used this shot for an avatar is several places - looks very Viper-esque

Look at that sweet FAT ASS - also shows how deep the Inferno Red can get

Her she is after some work on her back door

Here are some meet pictures and others:

Braggin' Rights Photos:
This is when I "borrowed" Keith's covers - not too bad. I'd have to black the fogs and taillights if I went that route permanent

Next to 01 Intrepid

Racing for pinks with r0meo021

Next to the Foose and the Ryda

Hot Nights - Cool Rides meet in NC

I tossed this in to demonstrate why most Inferno Reds don't mess with the taillights or reflector bars - they are already color matched!!!

I stole this picture because it is so good: I have been trying to tint it Red but with no success!

Gotta throw in the stock 2g press photo-not very aggressive, but nice color

Ahhh - here is the Bimmer shot - Bimmer inspired me with his Vert banner logo - so I duplicated it

Here is the trunk floor liner from a cop Trep I obtained from member Scarface:


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Very nice looking Trep Scott. I'm a little biased about the SXT's I'll admit. :)
The police cluster is a direct swap with no funkiness? Cops have no autostick then?
Did you need the same year?

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Dodgaholic said:
The police cluster is a direct swap with no funkiness? Cops have no autostick then?Did you need the same year?
Sorry-there is funkiness. I got the ABS and the resulting Brake idiot lights because Police models have ABS and I don't. I don't even know what year vehicle the cluster is from-although it doesn't matter. No factory police units came with da stick either.

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Thanks for the compliments Dodgaholic, 01Intrepid, 95trep3.3, Unreal, and even you Keith.

Added more pics BTW

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Here are some wheels I've been considering

I am a BIG fan of chrome split 5 spoke wheel designs. I am also very picky when it comes to wheels. They gotta be just right.

I think the stock chrome Momentum rims on my SXT look awesome! I wouldn't pick any another stock rim over them. Sorry R/T, Motorsport, M Special guys. I do think the SRT-8 20's would look totally awesome, but I can't afford the grand I see them go for on ebay. I do have 2 SRT-8s at work, I should bribe one of them to let me bolt up a pair for a side shot to see???

Anyways - I have found some wheels that got me excited: What do you think?

TSW Mondello - AR683 - AT695

I also have these to with some color match going on.

Zyoxx ZX8 - Luff S4

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The Mondello and ZX8 look great in those photos off their website don't they - they are prolly 20 or 22 inch RWD. I have seen both in 18" in our offset on some real cars and they look... not quite right. The spokes are shorter and the center sections push out to get the 40 offset. If the 18 Mondello or ZX8 looked like those photos, you would have seen a BST for my Momentums a long time ago. If I would go for 20's then you would soon see a BST

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Very nice car Scott. Love the color. Super Clean wheels too. I dont know if I got the guts to do the windshield logo but with your car color it seems right.

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Dudley said:
I dont know if I got the guts to do the windshield logo but with your car color it seems right.
Haha - I could see the wife was concerned when she saw me take the logo out of the package. She happened to poke her head out right when I was rubbing the last letter down. She said "Isn't that supposed to go across the top !?!?!?" I said "Nope - It's supposed to go right here". After seeing the OMG look, I said "It's only a sticker - we can take it off". That was about a year ago :)

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I added larger pics of this cargo tray I picked up from Scarface on the way back from Carlisle.

It's out of his retired police cruiser.
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