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So i ended up at the drag strip this friday for a T&T night with some friends.

Car felt good, ran a best time of 16.213 @ 87.4 mph (7/8 tank of 91, no spare, K&N FIPK, 18 inch charger wheels)

Now, I've taken the car before the 3.5 HO conversion, it ran a 16.4 with 89 octane (half tank, no spare, stock) but I cannot give this a direct comparison as the wheels are bigger/heavier.

However, i have taken out my concorde with the same K&N FIPK & wheels which ran a best of 16.7 @ 85mph.

So FYI, a half second difference between a 3.2L and a 3.5HO w/ special PCM.

Just thought I'd share, I'm happy with the car, 3.89 gears are next. I'd have been in the 15's if I had stock 16 inch wheels on.
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