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I was going to say they have competition but:

now they are charging $25 for unlimited BUT still charge 19.99 for one report.

When I went looking for a car I ran every VIN# I could get my hands on of anything I was interested in, I think it used to be 15 for one report and 20 for unlimited, what's 5 bucks more for all the vins I want.

This $1.50 report is probably aimed at getting those people who try and get someone with an active unlimited subscription to run them a carfax report for free.

Running Carfax reports on this site for members is illegal.
We already got warned about that.

Please do not ask other members in forums to "run VIN numbers" for you.
The member with the carfax account will get charged for every single carfax report that he ran, single report price. It says so in their user agreement. Do not violate it. You'll pay.

Our site is not a small user site anymore. Companies do know of our organization here and do check for these things.

In Layman's terms;
CARFAX is monitoring our site, and will shut us down.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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