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First post...
I have an '03 2.7l...
Its is my 4th Intrepid and about my 30th
Vehicle owned...
Paid $2,800 for it 4 years ago...
All in I am just over $14k spent on it...
No, not all in customizing it...
Mostly in repairs, body work etc etc...
Is anyone else that "insane"?
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How many miles on it? At their current age, the market value of these cars is limited to less than $2000 (if that) and only decreasing from here. You can expect continuing expenses, the scope of which likely depends on what you've already done - for example: When is water pump replacement due again (labor intensive, should replace timing chain tensioner too - all parts OEM only)? Have you ever replaced all metal brake lines (they often succumb to severe pitted rusting and eventual rupture in the middle of a moderately hard stop - time and money to replace if not already done)? Have you replaced the radiator and coolant reservoir? If you've replaced the coolant reservoir, was it with an aftermarket version (which don't last very long) or an OEM part? Is the metal pipe from coolant reservoir to thermostat housing showing severe rusting, particularly at the lower end, or has it ever been replaced - part is either very expensive or unobtainable, and replacenent is labor intensive. Other things: Condition of interior (dash, door panels, upholstery) and suspension bushings and "joints", air conditioning critical components (compressor and evaporator and lines ever been replaced?).

Separate from markat value, you have to ask yourself how much is the car worth to you considering the time and money you will likely continue to have to keep putting into it, not to increase its value, but only to extend its life until at some point you decide to cut your losses.

Availability of parts, both for OEM and aftermarket, is not good, and getting less and less, and quality of aftermarket parts is generally very dismall, with a few exceptions, and, again, getting less and less as time goes on.
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