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There is a dodge dealer nearby (lake norman chrysler dodge) is advertising 2002 SE models for $16995 with 0% financing.

That sounds like a great deal to me. Is this commonplace, or is it genuinely a special deal only available at this dealer.

They say that they get to make such great deals, becasue they are the largest dodge dealer in the carolinas, is that just bs?

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Even a barebones SE comes loaded in alot of people's terms:

Power Windows
Power Locks
Rear Defrost
Cruise Control
Tilt Steering Wheel
Intermittent Wipers
AM\FM Stereo Cassette
Remote Trunk Release

I remember not 5-7 years ago, most of that stuff was options. I think 16's is a damn good deal..that's what a lot of Focus' with the above options are going for.

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You should come by here. At the dealership 20 minutes away from me, they have a 2001 Intrepid ES for $12,900. It's the one that I test drove. Black w/black leather and 14k miles. Only option it didn't have was the sunroof.

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Damn, hell no!! you guys got some damn good deals down there!

They had some 01 SE's for $16,900 in Hayward, California and they were gonna sell me one with 26,000 miles for $14,900, I thought that was a killer deal, well it was here in the California Bay Area. It only had a tape deck which could have been changed, cloth bucket seats that were cool and the wheel covers, which I could have put cool wheels on it.

I still wish I got that one, would have saved a lot and it still was under factory warranty but supposedly the bank wouldn't finance me with a used car, my 99ES was used with 28,000 miles when I bought it. I think they just didn't know what the hell they were doing or were playing games.

My 02' SE was about $23,000!!!

I do have a CD player (Not Premium sound), I have 16" Aluminum wheels and nice dark cloth bucket seats but still!!! I need to move away from the expensive ass Bay Area!

I'm about to get rid of this thing and get me one of them!!!

I was told that the 0% financing was only for a 3 year loan. Payments would be really high.

Take care guys

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