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Damn, hell no!! you guys got some damn good deals down there!

They had some 01 SE's for $16,900 in Hayward, California and they were gonna sell me one with 26,000 miles for $14,900, I thought that was a killer deal, well it was here in the California Bay Area. It only had a tape deck which could have been changed, cloth bucket seats that were cool and the wheel covers, which I could have put cool wheels on it.

I still wish I got that one, would have saved a lot and it still was under factory warranty but supposedly the bank wouldn't finance me with a used car, my 99ES was used with 28,000 miles when I bought it. I think they just didn't know what the hell they were doing or were playing games.

My 02' SE was about $23,000!!!

I do have a CD player (Not Premium sound), I have 16" Aluminum wheels and nice dark cloth bucket seats but still!!! I need to move away from the expensive ass Bay Area!

I'm about to get rid of this thing and get me one of them!!!

I was told that the 0% financing was only for a 3 year loan. Payments would be really high.

Take care guys

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