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If you squint your eyes a bit, and possibly drink a very large amount of tequila, your eyes might find a slight (read: extremely remote) resemblance to the DMC DeLorean in the old 1980s-vintage Dodge Daytona — minus, of course, the Delorean’s trademark gullwing doors. Plus, it seems as if every other ’80s Daytona is finished in a shade of light silver that could be mistaken at first glance for an unfinished stainless steel skin. Sort of.

It makes sense, then (okay, not really) that at least one enterprising person with a suitably-warped sense of vision saw fit to build his very own Mr. Fusion-powered Dodge Daytona Time Machine, and we give him solid marks for effort. Except. perhaps, for not wiping the dust off his camera lens (see what we mean around the 1:00 minute mark) before shooting the video.

If you’re like us, you’re probably wondering why someone would go to the trouble of recreating a BTTF Time Machine using a Dodge Daytona? We’ll let the builder explain:

Being an adult, I have realized that without winning the lottery or inventing the latest, greatest thing, I am never gonna have the money to buy a Delorean. Well, I could probally get the money together, but I am pretty sure my wife will not let me spend it on a 28 year old car… but I sure as hell can afford an old 1980’s Dodge Daytona!

Makes sense, no? Click past the break to watch the video in all its child-of-the-eighties glory. Thanks for the tip, Luke!

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