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My girlfriends dad has a Green 1994 Intrepid (3.3L V6 Engine). It was sold to him by his boss with engine noise. The cause was just a bad valve lifter. We changed all the lifters , and now it runs great and has lots of power!
It has 200,000KM. We are running an engine flush through it tomorrow. I personally cleaned the interior last week and the inside is clean! I will be shampooing the seats/carpets this weekend. It has a working Air Conditioner that was just serviced in 2003!. It also has tinted windows. I will post pics tomorrow of the engine, interior, exterior. Tires are 6 months old!

$1500! PLS Private Message Me for quicker response!

The car is located in Brampton, ONTARIO (CANADA)

MORE PICS HERE:,phch.photosite.view.ScreenHome?
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